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What "Sikamoretree" stands for.

The Sikamoretree Rhyme:
Every man is short in some ways.
Yet every man is a possible hero,
Since human nature is the same.
So, Climb up for Clarity,
Advance to be recognised.
[Luke 19: 1-10]
 The Sikamoretree Project.
   The The Sikamoretree Project is predicated on reporting the current conclusions of medical and health experts from around the world. Hence, strenuous effort is employed in all cases to make the entire narrative stay as the verbatim , unedited presentations of these very avatars.
In the very few instances where the editor, who is a Pharmacist, Nutritionist, and Naturopathic Doctor, makes any inputs, it is incumbent on him to colourfully put such exercise in perspective.
  The Sikamoretree Pledge.
 Sikamoretree does not give medical advice. But it can - and, in fact, will happily -tell the whole world the true stories of what happened when named individuals obeyed, and practiced, the cutting - edge insights suggested by a myriad of contemporary medical and health experts round the globe.

 Biography of Dr Ignatius Ozoemena Onah

Dr IGNATIUS OZOEMENA ONAH, 66, ND, B Pharm; is a Pharmacist , Nutritionist, and Naturopathic Doctor.

A 1979 Pharmacy Graduate of the University of Nsukka, Dr Onah, who had a pre- teen tutelage in his family's herbalism guild, is, today, firmly rooted in Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry, Nutrition and Naturopathic Medicine.

He is an alumnus of both Medicina Alternativa, Colombo, Sri Lanka, and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Ontario, Canada.

Pastor Onah, an ordained minister with Living Faith Church Worldwide, is also the President of Sikamore Tree Enthronement Projects & Services (Steps Inc), an NGO,; Founder of Raygina Remedies Health & Wellness Centre chain, and Managing Editor of numerous periodicals , including "Abuja Food Doctor," " Defensive Nutrition News", " Green Pharmacy Serenade", etc

Dr Onah also gave the world "Defensive Nutrition", "Sikamoretree Treatment Approach(STA), and, " Immune Reactivation Diets"(IRD).

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