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Dr Ignatius O. Onah.

Introducing Antiinflammatory Diet.

      Health Talk presented to Senior Ambassadors Fellowship, Living Faith Church, Nyanya Abuja, on Sunday, 1st July,2018.

 Presenter: Pastor(Dr)Ignatius O Onah.

 Introducing Sikamoretree Midas Diet(SMD), an Indigenous Adaptation to the renowned "Antinflammatory Diet"


   Antiinflammatory Diet? Why is it important?

  Let's tap from the masters:

  * "... inflammation is one of the deadliest health scourges of all; it’s what most experts believe is the number one aging health factor. Almost all aging and degenerative diseases are inflammatory in nature, including arthritis, atherosclerosis (heart attack and stroke),... Parkinson's, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and even cancer, has an inflammatory element" -- Prof. A B Keith.

 * "A wide array of health problems, including but not limited to obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, periodontal disease, stroke, and heart disease all have inflammation as a part of the disease..." -- Dr Joseph Mercola.

 * " Heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease, among many others, are diseases of inflammation of the arteries and NOT a disease of too much cholesterol in the blood. In fact, over half of the patients who suffer a heart attack actually have normal cholesterol levels...".Dr Ray Strand, MD ,a Cardiologist.

 * "..Your doctor will continue to treat the symptoms of your various inflammatory health problems (DIABETES, MIGRAINES, THYROID PROBLEMS, ADD / ADHD, OBESITY, etc) without ever touching on --- or even mentioning -- the root causes. The problem is that not dealing with the underlying cause(s) of Systemic Inflammation frequently leads to AUTOIMMUNITY ---- the process whereby your Immune System begins making antibodies against(and attacking) its own cells, glands, organs, nerves, joints, muscles, and other tissues..." -- Dr Russel Schierling....

Foods and Inflammation. What connections?

  "...It is important to understand that your diet actually plays a significant role on whether you become prone to chronic inflammation or not. By eating healthy, wholesome foods that help combat inflammation, you can help protect your body from becoming host to chronic illnesses..." Dr Joseph Mercola. MD...

 Foods that cause Inflammation.


.,"...To avoid the blood sugar imbalances that increase your risk for virtually all degenerative diseases, ...avoid white flour and sugar...Simple carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, pasta and bread can cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin, both of which contribute to oxidative damage and inflammation –.( see "sikamoretree bad carbohydrates" ,& " sikamoretree 143 ways sugar ruins your health")

 * JUNK FOOD/DRINKS: Avoid all junk food, including all Malt, all Minerals, all sodas, all juices, and diet drinks, which impact sugar and lipid metabolism...creating inflammation.

 Liquid sugar calories are the biggest contributors to obesity and diabetes , stroke, and heart disease." (see "sikamoretree poisonous carbohydrates")

 * TRANS/HYDROGENATED FATS: Eliminate all hydrogenated fats which are found in margarine, shortening, and processed oils, as well as many baked goods and processed foods... This includes numerous processed foods, such as crackers, chips, most store-bought baked goods, and any fried foods,..

Trans fats are known to promote inflammation, which is a hallmark of most chronic diseases; .."(see "sikamoretree poisonous cooking oils" and " sikamoretree saturated fats do not clog arteries",)

.* ALCHOHOLS: ."..alcohol can increase triglycerides and fat in the liver and create blood sugar imbalances..".(see "sikamoretree poisonous carbohydrates")

 * VEGETABLE OILS: Don’t eat industrial vegetable oils like corn, soy, cottonseed, sunflower, and safflower oil. They are high in omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-6 PUFA), and they also produce trans fats which creates inflammation.

 Also, avoid refined Palm oil(Pawa, Kingo, etc.) Here google " sikamoretree bad cooking oils.

 * PROCESSED/DRY/FRIED MEAT: Avoid or limit Smoked and Processed Meats/ Fish.

Certain preservatives, such as sodium nitrate and nitrite found in smoked and processed meats have been shown to damage your blood vessels,...The World Cancer Research Fund ..warns that no one should eat processed meats ... Hot dogs, bacon, salami and other processed meats .. they may ..Increase your risk of diabetes by 50 percent, Lower your lung function, Increase your risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).."

 ( see "sikamoretree poisonous cooking oils", and ," sikamoretree processed meat", also, "sikamoretree dry meat/fish,; " Sikamoretree frying")

 * Sweet Fruits, Fruits ripened with Carbide; Nuts & Seeds. Why avoid them?

  Note: Unlike real vegetables, Fruits contain lots of Carbohydrates(Sugars, glucose, fructose, ..), while Nuts & Seeds -- like ground nuts and even walnuts-- come along with lots of the pro-inflammatory Omega 6 fatty acids.(see "sikamoretree carbide poisoning in fruit")

 * Whole grains like corn, wheat, & rice. : Most contain gut-wrecking anti-nutrients like gluten and gliadins, while all reek with naked calories. Additionally, corn goes with a large cache of the toxic pro-inflammatory Omega 6 fatty acids

 * Additives,/Food Enhancers: Avoid additives such as Monosodium Glutamate(MSG). ."...MSG often caused pains, because it is an excitatory neurotransmitter that may stimulate pain receptors; glutamate levels in spinal fluid have been shown to correlate with pain levels..."

 * Caffeine. "... Inflammation is believed to be linked to an imbalance of brain chemicals that control mood, and it is often linked with inadequate sleep and fatigue. Stimulants like caffeine can keep you awake hours after drinking it...fuelling inflammation... "

 * Pasteurized dairy. .."Many inflammation sufferers have trouble digesting processed milk and dairy products. However, many find that raw dairy products, especially from grass fed organic sources, are well tolerated..."

 * ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, like aspartame. .."...This artificial sweetener found in some diet sodas and malt, and also in many sugar-free sweets, is part of a chemical group called excitotoxins, which activate neurons that can increase your sensitivity to pain... Research... showed that drinking just one diet soda a day may increase your risk of stroke by 48 percent.."(see " sikamoretree low sugar poisons")

  * Other Promoters of Inflammation. are:

  * Prescription Drugs, like Statins, NSAIDS, Antibiotics, Hormonal Replacement Drugs,etc.(see "Sikamoretree medical errors")

* Fluoride Overload, as in Toothpaste.( see Sikamoretree avoiding toothpaste and tooth brush")

 * Smoking. What can be worse than what you already know about this great poison that has absolutely no life -- yes, not just health -- benefits?


 Emphasis here is on High Saturated Fat, Very -- low Carbohydrate, and Adequate protein.

For Proteins.

  * PASTURE -- RAISED "RED" MEAT from grass-fed animals., like the Fulani Cow!(see " sikamoretree does cholesterol clog arteries?)

 Eat nutrient dense animal products, especially organ meats, like Cow Liver....a serving of beef liver has between 10-100 times the amount of key minerals, & vitamins --including even Vitamin C-- than those found in carrots or apples.(see "sikamoretree superiority of animal products", " sikamoretree red meat is good for the elderly",& "sikamoretree who poisoned our cholesterol?")

  * EGGS: Egg yolks are another of nature’s superfoods. One egg provides 13 essential nutrients, all in the yolk (contrary to popular belief, the yolk is far higher in nutrients than the white). And despite conventional wisdom, it’s entirely safe to eat eggs. In fact, studies show that egg consumption actually increases large, buoyant LDL cholesterol – the type that cannot be easily oxidized, and so, doesn’t cause heart disease!(see " sikamoretree pasture raised eggs")

 For Cooking oils.

Eat traditional, saturated fats, such as coconut oil, palm oil, but use groundnut oil only in moderation. . Why?!!

 * Saturated fats protect against inflammation, and oxidative damage – one of the primary causes of heart disease and stroke..

  * Saturated fats do not form trans fats at all!

   * Also, they do not contain any choledterol!!( see " sikamoretree good cooking oils)

 ,* What’s more, saturated fats have virtually no health harzaed.(see " sikamoretree saturated fats do not clog arteries"& " sikamoretree it is unsaturated fats that clog arteries"; also, here "sikamoretree who poisoned our saturated fats?")

 * VEGETABLES(Not Fruits!) All greens, Garden egg, Carrots, Cucumber, Cabbage,etc(see "sikamoretree vegetables all correct" & sikamoretree fruits the good, bad & the poisonous")

 * For Carbohydrates. To be handled with great caution.! Why? Hear this remarks on Carbohydrates and Aging: "The Leading Cause of Premature Aging and Death is Insulin Resistance, which is caused almost solely by SUGAR and PROCESSED CARBOHYDRATES!, "... these simple carbs are the sole promoters of insulin resistance and leptin resistance. ...Increased insulin and leptin receptor resistance has clearly become the leading cause of premature aging and death. This results from two primary conditions: too much sugar and processed foods, combined...

Interestingly, controlling these two factors will likely eliminate more than 90 percent of the following medical conditions:• High blood pressure • Obesity •Stroke, Glaucoma, Prostate Issues, Diabetes ..and aging itself"" Dr Ron Rosedale,MD, PhD.

  Refs: Google "sikamoretree old age is not a disease", ," sikamoretree bad carbohydrates; "sikamoretree poisonous carbohydrates" "Sikamoretree low sugar poisons", " Sikamoretree 143 ways sugar ruins your health".

 * Preferred Carbohydrates: Indigenous Nigerian Products like BEANS, PLANTAINS and THE ROOT carbohydrates like yams, cassava and potatoes.(see "sikamoretree good carbohydrates, " sikamoretree beans are not protein sources")

  * For Fruits: Can take Avocado, other pears, and also, Guava, in moderation!!

 But, avoid all Sweet fruits, like Bananas, Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, Water melon, Apples, etc. The double tragedy here is that in addition to their ungainly sugar content, all these sweet fruits are also ripened with the uniformly -toxic calcium carbide!! (see "sikamoretree carbide poisoning in fruit")



 Why do natural Products excel here?

 Because natural Products do better than Orthodox ones in the handling degenerative diseases; yes, most of them are caused by insulin resistance and inflammation.(see " Sikamoretree why natural products handle degenerative diseases better")

 How do these gems handle inflammation?

  Because these GOOD Herbs work through:

 * normalization of metabolism of sugar,

 * direct confrontation of inflammation, and

 * targeted neutralization of free radicals.

They include: Chromium, magnesium, vanadium, and vitamin E which can be helpful in the management of insulin resistance syndrome. Others include Alpha Lipoic Acid, Bitter Melon, Chromium, .Cinnamon, Sage, Tumeric, Parsley, Basil, Rosemary, Coriander, Fenugreek, Gymnema sylvestre, MORINGA Oleifera, Nigella Sativa, Resveratrol .Vitamin D, B Complex, Co enzyme Q 10, Selenium; L-Glutamine, Gluthadione precursors etc.

 Note: An experienced Naturopathic Doctor is needed to dispense both the diet and these natural products.


 The Role of Exercise in Fighting Inflammation.

. " ..Many studies have shown that exercise improves insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle and fat tissue, and, hence, consistently reduces insulin levels and fasting blood sugar levels"

But what types of exercise for the elderly? Only the entirely non- Strenuous, non-torturing, but continual everyday exercises are advocated . Like WALKING, CYCLING, & SWIMMING. No JOGGING, No Running!!!

Also, make daily use of the Sunshine, especially to help the body build some vitamins.

 The stress really is in CONTINUITY, not on how taxing. . Hear an expert, : "The notion that the easy life shall endure is totally false. Man is not a machine that lasts long with disuse. The more man does not use his body, the less it will last. An easier life is a shorter life"

Dr Abner J. Delman,MD, a cardiologist.

 Epilogue. My Testimony: ..

WHAT I EAT/WHAT I AVOID EVERYDAY THAT HAS HELPED ME TO RECOVER FULLY from Chronic Inflammation & co(Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Attack, Grey Hair, Emphysema, Glaucoma, Dimmed Vision, Prostate "disease", Obesity, etc)


What I eat:

  The stress here is on indigenous Nigerian foods only. These foods are copiously available everywhere in this country, and are manifestly FRESHER, HEALTHIER, even CHEAPER than the processed/imported ones!!

 Here we go,: OTIPI, UTARRA AZZ(maize meals); ORKPA, , UTARA ORKPA(from Bambarra nuts); ARHEBOR, ABACHA(from cassava);NJAARA(plantains), JI, ABALLA, URNA,(yam varieties); NKASHI, ORKPAKARA, ,ERCHICHA, OGUNTA(varieties of cocoyams);, ERKDD OJI, ERKDD ORBARA, NGBNGB, ORRARR JI( bean types); MANU IGBO( fresh palm oil); URKPOR(dried okro); MPOTO(dried cocoyam leaves); IWUUWU(Dried Cocoyam stem);OKPAIYAY, AKPAKA(venerable spices); ORGB, ORHI ANN, OLBB(ancient local green vegetables), etc.

  RAW MILK!!!: I also relish Raw Cow Milk everyday, along with my entire family, even my grandchildren.(see " sikamoretree golden Fulani milk" , also "sikamoretree raw milk beneficial bacteria", and ,even, " sikamoretree 700 bacteria species in normal breast milk").

    I also take 2-- 4 boiled eggs on most days, especially in the mornings of the days I am robbed of my precious "leftover" breakfast!!(see breakfast instructions below)


    I take 3 -- 6 Litres of HOT WATER daily, as follows:: 50--100 cl before Breakfast ; 100--150cl before lunch; 50--100cl before supper. ...

Last dose= 50--150cl before bed(Optional)

  50cl = One Big Coke bottle.

Note: No water should be taken during meals at all; Water must be taken at least 30 minutes BEFORE, or/and at least 90 minutes AFTER meals.(see "sikamotree hot water")

DIET FREQUENCY: I eat four or more SMALL meals per day - Why? Hear this: "..."In the victim of hyperinsulinism, , too much insulin is secreted and the blood sugar level drops too fast.. Before it hits bottom, he should eat again... By eating often he eats less each time, so that instead of having three upward and three downward wide swings in blood sugar level, he will have six or seven small ones. In time the blood sugar level will tend to smooth out and normalise.."

   COMPULSORY/EARLY BREAKFAST: By the time most people wake in the morning they have already fasted for about 12 hours. Even at the best of health, it is wrong to extend this punishment of the body; in hyperinsulinemia, it is criminal. So, take your breakfast early, everyday! How to do that? ..


 No freshly --prepared breakfast at all! ...Rather, I warm the deliberately preserved food & use as breakfast. And, this breakfast, I always take before 7 am each day(most days always before 5am!)

  . Occasionally, I take 2. --4 Boiled eggs alone for breakfast, or with plenty of greens, onions, fresh tomatoes, etc.

   But, certainly, no tea, no Coffee, no Akamu, no Jero for breakfast.

Important Note On "FOOD as Medicine"

   I take the same food all day round for a MINIMUM of three(3) or more days at a stretch!! Why? "Defensive Nutrition" dwells more on diet quality and continuity, not on some unthinking, pedantic variation in diet recipes. The goats are wiser!; yes, hey relish same menu 24/7!!!


What I avoid:

 * All Drinks apart from Water!!

 I have not taken any thing that issues from a corked bottle for more than three years now, even during the marriages and weddings of my children, and naming ceremonies of my numerous grandchildren!( see "sikamoretree hot water", " sikamoretree poisonous carbohydrates" )

  * All processed Carbohydrates: Rice, Bread, Indom., Semo, galla, Biscuits, Akamu(yes, Pap is processed carbohydrates, after removing the rich coats!!),

 * Whole wheat, Acha, Vegetable oils(soya, processed palm oil,Canola, etc),

 Others: MSG Cubes, , Tea, Coffee, Processed Milk, Toothpaste, etc.

  Last Line:: Prescribing Sikamoretree Midas Diet(SMD).

  This diet regime is an arm of the larger Sikamoretree Treatment Approach(STTA), which deploys only Nigerian -- sourced natural products, along with Real Naija-- grown Foods, to treat virtually all "incurable" Diseases, Disorders, Infections,etc. There was nothing like "INCURABLE DISEASE" down the years in Medicine until just about a century ago!! Quote me!!

    The other arm of the STTA is the Sikamoretree Immune Reactivation Powders(SIRP) which now comprises Formulas 1 ,2, 3,&4.. For Prescriptions on named pathological issues, contact us here.

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