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Aging. Part 3. How To Return to Your Youth. Aging Without Growing Old. Zone 6.(Last)  

Dr Ignatius O. Onah.

 Journey so Far!.

 In the Part One of this great series which was released on May 23rd(my 68th birthday), with the title, " Aging: How To Age Without Growing Old", we discussed the following four "Zones ":

  * Age and Aging.

 * The Biology of Aging.

 * My Health @ 50(18 years ago!)

 *My Health status today, @ 68!!

 In part 2, which was featured on 31/5/19, we zeroed in on just Zone 5 , on which we discussed in 2 Stanzas :

* What I did to regain my health.

 * What I do now to remain technically ageless.

   Now, Welcome to Zone 6, the Final Stretch.

   We designate this Zone as "How To Return to Your Youth"

  In practice, this can also be called,

 " How you can get the Same result as i did " .

 Note: This is, indeed, the " Dispensing " end, where the patient is finally taught on how to go home and take his Prescription (Drugs, Food, Exercise, etc)

 So, Welcome, again, to Zone 6

   Main Theme : This Zone Six of our lineup zeros exclusively on :

  # Drugs to take &Avoid ;

    # the Foods to eat & to Avoid....

    # other measures to adopt..

   ... in order to fight ALL degenerative diseases, and, hence, age serenely without ever growing Old!

  Did I say "All Diseases", not just " Aging "?

 Oh, yes, Old Age is not a Disease ; in fact, it is the accompanying diseases /disorders that make people age - never the "years " per se!


 At 68 now, I am Stronger, Faster, Sharper -- that is healthier ! -- than I was even thirty (30) years ago. All glory be to our big God, of course!

 (Click here for "Old age is not a disease ")

 A Citation : ",,, What Is “Growing OLD”?. “We are as old as our organs make us …And our organs are as old or as young as we take care of these organs, by the quality of food we eat, water we drink, how we move....”

         So, what do we offer as CURE here?

 Enter Our Sikamoretree Treatment Approach(STTA).

  STTA? This is a cutting - edge treatment protocol in Naturopathic Medicine which zeroes unwaveringly on two pivots,viz:

  i. REFURBISHING the Metabolic System.


     Five Tenets of STTA. What we "Preach "!

 Tenet One: STTA is a Treatment Package, not just a drug -dispensing endeavour per se, for we KNOW that no DRUGS -- not even any Drug Combinations (Synthetic, Herbal, Natural, etc. ) -- can ALONE CURE any Degenerative Diseases! And, this is a FACT! Quote me!!!


.."...Because there are no drugs available that can significantly REDUCE insulin level, dietary manipulation is the only effective treatment of insulin excess and the diseases it produces...

 DIETARY CONTROL of elevated insulin level could have eliminated BOTH the high blood pressure and even the threat of heart disease... ."..Dr Mary Eades, MD.

  Tenet Two : STTA recognizes that Degenerative Diseases /Disorders hardly ever come alone; rather, they visit in Leagues /Bouquets called Syndromes.

  And, naturally, they should, of necessity, be handled - and, then, CURED! -- together.

  Citations :

  * .".The major diseases of Western Civilization-obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, elevated blood fats(a.k.a. stroke, heart attack ) & diabetes- have a common bond. In truth, these “diseases” that afflict, disable,& kill so many people in America today are’nt diseases at all; they are SYMPTOMS of a more basic, single disorder called HYPERINSULINEMIA(excess insulin)caused by Insulin Resistance....

.Because treating one disease at a time will, at best, only hold them at bay; at worst, it will actually contribute to the formation of the other diseases. In short, by attacking the individual diseases, we are at best, playing a delaying game; only by focusing all energy and treatments on insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia can we hope to hit the snake on the head”. – Dr Michael Eades, MD & Dr. Mary EADES,MD, in “The Deadly Diseases of Civilisation”. .

  * "... .A growing body of evidence suggests that these wide-ranging and seemingly unconnected conditions can, in fact, be linked to a common underlying cause: .. metabolic derangement resulting primarily from chronic hyperinsulinemia, and its eventual end point, insulin resistance (IR).

  Virtually no medical specialty is unaffected by IR. From cardiology to endocrinology, "...

  Among these conditionse are ailments as diverse as type 2 diabetes (T2D), CVD, Alzheimer’s disease (A D), acne, gout,erectile dysfun ction, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and conditions that are typically deemed ‘idiopathic’, such as vertigo and tinnitus.. ." . By Dr Jason Fung, & Prof Amy Berger, in Journal of Insulin Resistance. (2016).

 * ... This gut flora is a major player of your immune system, which of course, is your body's natural defense system that keeps you healthy. In other words, the HEALTH OF YOUR BODY IS LARGELY TIED INTO THE HEALTH OF YOUR Gut, and it's hard to have one be healthy if the other is not." - Dr Natasha McBride, MD, PhD.

  Tenet Three: STTA does not major on "Symptoms Management. Never! STTA focuses unapologetically on the ROOT CAUSE of EVERY health issue.

   Citations :

 * "... One of the major shortcomings of conventional medicine is that it sees the body simply as a sum of separate parts. ... One reason is that we’re not addressing the underlying causes of these diseases; we’re just SUPPRESSING SYMPTOMS with drugs. And, in my own opinion, failing woefully!" - Dr Samuel Benjamin,MD, Director , Centre for Alternative Medicine, State University of New York.

 * "Symptom is NOTHING MORE THAN YOUR BODY TELLING YOU THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG. If you hush up the symptoms, you have done nothing to help the body get better....Holistic Medicine is based mainly on the INTERCONNECTEDNESS of the 10 Trillion cells of which we are composed of... treating a problem in one part of the body WITHOUT ADDRESSING THE SOURCES OF IT IN ANOTHER - as synthetic drugs do- is like killing skin rash and sparing leprosy!!!" -- Dr Thomas Kruzel , ND, PhD.

  * Most of the unpleasant symptoms of an illness are the body’s way of evicting invaders.

  Signs of inflammation like swelling, redness, heat and pain indicate that the body has called in white blood cells to fight infection.

  Coughing, sneezing and runny noses mechanically expel disease agents from the respiratory tract.

  Similarly, diarrhea and vomiting quickly clear the digestive tract of germs and toxins before they’re absorbed by your system at large.

  Suppressing these natural defenses with over-the-counter medications can actually slow the speed of recovery.

  The immune system can take care of most bugs on its own as long as it has the raw materials to do so .." -- -- Dr Russell Schierling, ND, PhD.

. * ".. Functional medicine is a different way of thinking about disease that helps us understand and treat the real causes of inflammation instead of finding clever ways to shut it down.

Functional medicine is the emerging 21st century paradigm of systems medicine that teaches us to treat the cause, not only the symptoms, and to ask why you are sick, not only what disease you have." -- Dr Mark Hyman,MD.

 * “Medicine has not actually been fighting illnesses like cancer, stroke, diabetes, hepatitis, etc. It has been intervening at the point of symptoms, the LAST VISIBLE STEPS in the complex cascade of biochemical events... . And it has been doing it largely by TRIAL and ERROR...” -- Dr Michael Lemaneck.

 * .".. if you go to the doctor and find out you have high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure, you’ll be given a drug to lower them—and expected to take that drug for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. There is rarely any serious investigation into why your cholesterol or blood pressure is high in the first place...." Dr Chris Kresser.

  Tenet Four: More than 75% of STTA revolves around diet.

  Citations :

  * " Before you heal someone ask him whether he is willing to GIVE UP THE THING THAT MADE HIM SICK"!.-- Hippocrates of Coz, Father of medicine (nearly 3,000 years ago)

 * "... People come to me all the time asking... Have you got anything natural for my high blood pressure? ... Can you cure my digestive problems naturally? ... What sort of natural treatment can you do for my hormones, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibro, Blood Sugar, Autoimmune Disease,...

... But read between the lines. What is the question that most folks are really asking? "Hey Doc, What have you got that will take care of my health problems, help me drop about 70 pounds, keep me active in the bedroom, but ALLOW ME TO KEEP THE DESTRUCTIVE HABITS I HAVE HAD MY WHOLE LIVE.." -- Dr Russell Schierling, ND, PhD......

 * “The human body is its own best healer, provided that it gets good nutrition, proper rest....All diseases begin in the gut.... Let your food be your Medicine, and your medicine your food” – Hippocrates of Cos, Father of Medicine, more than 2,500 years ago..

 * “The doctors of tomorrow will use no medicines, but interest his patients in the care of the body frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of diseases.”- Thomas Edison, American Inventor, & Thinker, more than 100 years ago.

 * “ The human body is amazing! If you can give it what it needs, it can fight off almost anything before it becomes a problem.”-Dr Lorraine Shoneback.

’ * "...Cancer is caused by poisons created in our bodies by the food we eat. We have been studying germs when we should have been studying diet and drainage...medicine has been on a wrong track....” Sir William A Lane, England’s foremost abdominal surgeon of the last Century.


 * “70 to 80 % of Americans currently suffering from chronic medical disorders of unknown cause, who have proven poorly responsive to conventional medical interventions, are suffering from delayed-onset food allergies”.-- Dr James Bradley, MD.

  Not Genetic, but Behavioral.

   "... the primary causes of the chronic disease epidemic are NOT genetic, but behavioral. It boils down to people MAKING THE WRONG CHOICES about diet, physical activity, sleep, stress management, etc.—over and over again, throughout a lifetime. " -- Dr Chris Kresser.

  Tenet Five: STTA is very Mindful of the Carnage created by Most Synthetic Drugs, especially, Antibiotics, Hormones, NSAIDs, PPIs, Antiretrovirals, Radiotherapy , Chemotherapy, Unneeded Surgeries, etc, and, hence, takes an unapologetic stance on Reducing /Removing/ Discouraging such Agents/Measures.

 Citations :

 * According to American Medical Association(AMA),” some 225,000 Americans die every year from iatrogenic causes.(Negative effects of CORRECTLY - USED, PRESCRIBED DRUGS, infections contracted within the hospital setting, unnecessary surgeries, etc).

 This is the third highest cause of death in USA, following in the unholy heels of cardiovascular diseases and cancers!”!!

 * " ... ANTIBIOTIC use, overuse, and abuse causes a disruption of the Gut's normal Flora.

 Although this Dysbiosis is caused by Antibiotics, it is fed by SUGAR & STARCHY / PROCESSED FOODS...." Dr Russell Schering, ND, PhD.

 Note : Most of the above Citations were cherry,- picked from Zone 5 of this series, featured here on May 31.( for details, Click here)

      STTA! Again, What is it?

 This stands for " Sikamoretree Treatment Approach".

  This is a cutting - edge treatment Package in Naturopathic Medicine which zeroes unwaveringly on two pivots,viz:

  i. REFURBISHING the Metabolic System.


       Two Zones of STTA.

 We have Two(2) Zones in STTA, namely:


 STTA, Zone One. Metabolic Restoration Therapy(MRT)., comprising:

   * MRD: Metabolic Restoration Diet.

   * MRR:: Metabolic Restoration Remedies.(Powders, Liquids, Synthetic Drugs, Tools,....)

   * MRT Restrictions/Taboos.......

             For details on MRT click here

 STA, Zone Two..': Immune Reactivation Therapy(IRT)., comprising:

   * IRD = Immune Reactivation Diet.

   * IRR= Immune Reactivation Remedies.(Powders, Liquids, Synthetic Drugs , Tools, ..)

    * IRT Restrictions/Taboos.......

        For details on IRT click here.

  Basic Principles of all our STTA Regimes.

  I. Water Therapy...

  ii. Drug Therapy.(IRR & MRR)

   iii. Food Therapy. Ie. Defensive Nutrition.

   iv. Restrictions/Taboos.......

         On our STTA Diet Options.

 Our customised MRD is drawn from the engine rooms of the following International diet regimes: Kresser's KETO; BERNSTEIN Diabetes Solution Diet; The Antinflammatory Diet, Mark HYMAN'S KETO,, The HYPOGLYCEMIA Diet,

Zoe HARCOMBE DIET, etc. while our IRD is adapted from the following: GAPS, ROSEDALE, Westman's New Atkins, WAPF Tradition Diet. etc.

  Note: Each of our STTA Diet Options(there are 13 of them now) is 100% Nigerian -- cutting across the entire CULINARY Horizon of Nigeria, and even beyond, and factoring the varied Cultures and variegated taste buds of our entire Wazobia populace!!

  Therapeutic Range of STTA.

  Because of its propensity to "buy back" both the Metabolic and the Immune Systems, STTA

can handle almost all degenerative diseases known to man -- Diabetes, Hypertension, Ulcer, Asthma, Arthritis, Infertility, Fibroid, Gout, Dental, Ophthalmic, Liver/Kidney/Prostate/Respiratory/Bone/Skin disorders,etc.

  Also, since STTA deploys herbal/nutritional entities having incontrovertible antimicrobial efficacy,(they are antibacterial, antiviral, anti-mycotic, antiparasitic, even antiinflammatory),STTA is also pointedly useful in the control/cure of many communicable diseases, including resistant malaria, stubborn Typhoid & Staph, ..... even Hepatitis, & HIV/AIDS, Wounds, etc.


 In a word, our STTA Regimes can be stretched sufficiently to accommodate almost all diseases /disorders known to man!


            Role of Exercise in STTA. .

. " ..Many studies have shown that exercise improves insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle and fat tissue, and, hence, consistently reduces insulin levels and fasting blood sugar levels"

But what types of exercise are needed? ?

    Only the entirely non- Strenuous, non-torturing, but continual, EVERYDAY exercises are advocated . Like WALKING, CYCLING, & SWIMMING, especially, just Walking.

       No JOGGING, No Running!!!

Also, make daily use of the Sunshine, especially to help the body build some vitamins.

 The stress really is in CONTINUITY, not on how taxing. .

     Hear an expert, : "The notion that the easy life shall endure is totally false. Man is not a machine that lasts long with disuse. The more man does not use his body, the less it will last. An easier life is a shorter life"

   Dr Abner J. Delman,MD, a cardiologist.

  Epilogue. Disappointed that there are no Omnibus STTA Prescriptions outlined here?


      No need. See this:

 " You never step into the same stream twice. Nothing in the universe ever remains constant. Everything is in a state of constant flaux... " - -- Heraclitus?, 6th Century BC.

   Ditto for Naturopathic Medicine Regimes, like our STTA here.. Yes, we recognize that every patient -- nay, every Health Challenge even in a given patient -- is different.

 In practice, no two Patients suffer even the same Malaria episode; in fact, even in the same patient, no two Malaria sessions is exactly the Same!

 How much more in degenerative "Diseases ", like Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke, Infertility,.. even Infections?


 So, no omnibus Prescriptions are advertised in our STTA because every pathological entity - even, every pathological event occurring at different times in the same body -- demands its own customised therapeutic attention.

 So, for YOUR own medical challenges, give us the SITUATION REPORT -- the current data on your health issues -- and you can trust us to promptly giggle out with YOUR own customised STTA regime in no time!

    Advance to be Recognized!

     Climb up the Sikamoretree!!

     And Relish your own STTA Fruits!

  And, remain ever blessed.

Presenter: Dr(Pastor) IGNATIUS O. ONAH.

About Dr Onah.

 Dr(Pharm.) IGNATIUS O. ONAH,68, is a Pharmacist , Nutritionist, and Naturopathic Doctor.

. A 1979 pharmacy graduate of the University of Nsukka ,he is also an alumni of both Medicina Alternativa , Colombo, Sri Lanka, and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Ontario, Canada.

   Pastor Onah, who was ordained a minister with Living Faith Church Worldwide in January, 2004, also, anchors regular Health/Nutrition programs on many media stations in Nigeria, including Wazobia, Ray Power, Precious FM,etc..

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