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Diabetes A Diabetic on Insulin for 14 Years Now Freed!

Dr Ignatius O. Onah.

Name of Patient : Benjamin Aneke.

 Mobile Number: 08033211000.

   Age-- 56years.

 His Disbetes was discovered 20 years ago; he has been on Daily Insulin Injection for 14 years!

  All the five toes of his Left foot were amputated 8 years ago(in 2011)!

 His Clinical State at First Appearance ( on 3/5/19): Our Inaugural Report on him for that day read thus:

 "... Galloping Hyperglycemia., Fulminating Peripheral Neuropathy(PN) with weeping ulcers on all toes of the right feet & on the stump of the amputated left foot!

 Excruciating pains, Insomnia, Zero libido, etc .Polyurea, Pains, Inflammation, Nocturea, Diabetic Retinopahy(DR), Enteric Ulcer?, Rotten Digestion, Sleep Aberrations, Oral/Teeth Inflammation, Depression, Mood swings, Wilting Weight loss,etc.

Tests: On that day, his Sugar level was unmeasurable - meaning it was MORE than 500 mg/dL!

  Four days later( after he had taken Metformin 1000mg 2 times a day for some days ) his Fasting Blood Sugar(FBS) was now measurable, @405 mg/Dl -- still the highest we have recorded in a very long time!

 Our Treatment: His STTA regime started on 8/5/19. It is still ongoing.


  The method we employed is our STTA Schedule VI, which is our in - house adaptation of the world - renowned " Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution".


 About Dr Bernstein & His "Diabetes Solution". A captivating story!!

    Dr Richard K. Bernstein, M.D., F.A.C.E., F.A.C.N., C.W.S., FCCWS, was born in 1934. His Type I(Insulin dependent) Diabetes was diagnosed in 1946, when he was 12 years old.

He started normal Insulin therapy from hence, but still went through the standard diabetic complications for several decades until he developed this HIS OWN TREATMENT METHOD. With this method, he CURED his Type I Diabetes so comprehensively that when he turned 70 in 2004 , he had become the OLDEST person in history that had survived this Type I!

    Dr Bernstein is still alive, and COMPLETELY NORMAL, today - @ 85!!

  Yes, even though he still takes a daily multiple dose of insulin:

 1. His blood sugar has remained normal for many decades.

 2. He had suffered absolutely no more diabetic complications for the last 30 years...."

  Behold his Condition before his invention. (In his own words)

   * ..I developed diabetes in 1946 at the age of twelve, and for more than two decades I was an “ordinary” diabetic, dutifully following doctor’s orders and leading the most normal life I could, given the limitations of my disease.

   *.. Over the years, the complications from my diabetes became worse and worse, ... like many diabetics in similar circumstances, ...

 * I faced a very early death. I was still alive, but the quality of my life wasn’t particularly good....

 * Because of my chronically elevated blood sugar levels, and the inability to control them, my growth was stunted, as it is for many juveniles - onset diabetics even to this day....

  * These injections were slow and painful, and eventually they destroyed all the fatty tissue under the skin of my thighs.

 * ...In spite of the low - fat diet, my blood cholesterol became very high. I developed visible signs of this state - fatty growths on my eyelids and gray deposits around the iris of each eye...

  * During my twenties and thirties, the prime of life for most people, many of my body’s systems began to deteriorate.

  * I had excruciatingly painful kidney stones, a stone in a salivary duct, “frozen” shoulders, a progressive deformity of my feet with impaired sensation, and more.

  * I would point these out to my diabetologist (who was then president of the American Diabetes Association), but I was inevitably told, “Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with your diabetes. You’re doing fine.”

  * By this time I was married. I had gone to college and trained as an engineer....

  * I had lost the hair on the lower parts of my legs, a sign that I had developed peripheral vascular disease—a complication of diabetes that can eventually lead to amputation.

 * ... I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, which is a replacement of muscle tissue in the heart with fibrous (scar) tissue—a common cause of heart failure and death among those with type 1 diabetes.

 * .... I suffered a host of other complications. My vision deteriorated: I suffered night blindness, microaneurysms (ballooning of the blood vessels in my eyes), macular edema (swelling of the central portion of my retinas), and early cataracts.

 * Just lying in bed caused pain in my thighs, due to a common but rarely diagnosed and barely pronounceable diabetic complication called iliotibial band/tensor fascialata syndrome.....

* By 1967 I had these and other diabetic complications and clearly appeared chronically ill and prematurely aged. ...

  *... I had spent much of my life going into, experiencing, or recovering from hypoglycemia, which is a state of excessively low blood sugar. It was usually accompanied by fatigue and headaches, and was caused by the unpredictable action of the large doses of insulin I was taking to cover my high-carbohydrate diet.

 *... During such episodes, I became confused and unruly and snapped at people. ."

 His Condition after full Recovery(Still in his own words):

  ** Within a year, I had refined my insulin and diet regimen to the point that I had essentially normal blood sugars around the clock.

  ** After years of chronic fatigue and debilitating complications, almost overnight I was no longer continually tired or “washed out.”.. People commented that my gray complexion was gone.

   ** After years of sky high readings, my serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels had now not only dropped, but were at the low end of the normal ranges.

  ** I started to gain weight, and at last I was able to build muscle as readily as nondiabetics. My insulin requirements dropped to about one-third of what they had been a year earlier....

  ** The painful, slow-healing lumps the injections of large doses of insulin left under my skin disappeared. The fatty growths on my eyelids from high cholesterol vanished. My digestive problems (chronic burning in my chest and belching after meals) and the proteinuria that had so worried me eventually vanished.

 ** Today,my results from even the most sensitive kidney function tests are all normal.

    ** The cystoid macular edema that I thought as recently as twelve years ago was irreversible has finally reversed.

    ** My deformed feet, the calcified walls of arteries in my legs, and the loss of hair on my lower legs are not reversible and still remain.

    ** I had the new sensation of being the boss of my own metabolic state, and began to feel the same sense of accomplishment and reward I had in engineering when I solved a difficult problem. ..

   **I had taught myself how to make my blood sugars whatever I wanted them to be and was no longer on the roller coaster. Things were finally under my control..."

 Editor's Note: This '" miracle" becomes even more remarkable when it is known that Dr Bernstein actually achieved this feat of curing his own disease when he was just a practising engineer, with no medical experience whatsoever other than the fact that his wife was a licensed physician!

  It was only when the medical establishment had prevented him from "marketing his breakthrough" that he had decided to enter Medical school!; yes, Engineer Bernstein was already more than 45 years old, in 1977, when he enrolled in Albert Einstein Medical College, New York, to become a doctor!

  He started an own hospital facility on the very day, in 1983, that he qualified as a doctor!

  And, now went on to perfect his "Bernstein's Diabetes Solution" , a great trophy to this planet! Hurray!!


 Re: Benjamin Aneke.

Our Client, Bro Benjamin, went through graphically, almost all that Dr Bernstein also went through; and, yes, his recovery is no less sensational!

 So, what did we do?

 Our STTA , Schedule VI, is predicated on:

 1. Smart deployment of staggered Insulin administration, and

 2. Our Metabolic Restoration Therapy(MRT), comprising Metabolic Restoration Diet(MRD) and Metabolic Restoration Remedies.(Powders, Liquids, Synthetic Drugs,etc.....)

 Benjamin's Condition Today(2/7/19.)

  After less than two(2) months on the above "Bernstein's" regime, :

  * His decades - long weeping sores have all dried up. Though still swollen, there is absolutely no more pains/irritations whatsoever on any of his feet

 * His eye complications are also disappearing, while his Digestive, Sleep, and Urinary challenges have vanished.

 * His energy, drive , libido, and mood are also now virtually normalized.

  All these in just the first 54 days of treatment!

   All praise be to our Big God!

  Photos: The accompanying shots of Bro Aneke's feet condition today were taken in my office just today(2/7/19)

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