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Dr Ignatius O. Onah.

All Alive, Strong & Vibrant!!

            The Only Set in Nigeria today ?.

 People like this -- An All Females, Five Generations -- are very very FEW in the whole wide world today!!

 And, almost certainly, no other such VIBRANT set exist today in Nigeria?

     Only this great QUINTET from ORBA in UDENU LGA of ENUGU state!!

  Yes, you are right; I mean ORBA, the "First Town" of Enugu State today! First?

  Oh, Yes, because it is the homestead of Gburu Gburu, His Excellency, Rt Hon. Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the incumbent Executive Governor of Enugu State.

   Your hands together for our Great ORBA again!!

 Back to the Blessed 5 - Generation Quintet now.

  We think it is more rhythmical -- in fact, more exhilarating! -- to stack them down in this breath - taking DESCENDING order,thus:

 Number 1: . Mama- Mama - Mama Nnukwu.

  Her First Daughter is Number Two.

Numbwr. 2: Mama - Mama Nnukwu(Madam Mbah); Her First Daughter is Number Three.

 Number 3: Mama Nnukwu ( Mrs G. C.Ozioko);

 Her First Daughter is Number Four.

 Number. 4.. Mama (Mrs C. O. Onah = my Son's Wife! Eheeeh?);

 Her First Daughter is Number Five.

 Number 5:. OBJ, My second Grand Daughter!(Full names Obianuju Hilda Amarachukwu Obiageri Onah!),

   Her First daughter is Number 6? Very soon!

In just a few more years hence! Say Amen!

   And Number One will still go for "Omugor," just as the entire 'team" visited us @ Abuja ( individually and corporately) after the birth of Number 5, in November 2017! Why not if not?

 Note: The " Mama" Appellation is as applied to No 5, OBJ, my Granddaughter!

 Is anyone getting jealous?

 That means you want this enviable lineup to be REPLICATED in your own family!

 So shall it be, In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!

Our Anchor:

 " A man who obeys the Lord

    will surely be blessed LIKE THIS.

 May the Lord bless you from Zion!

    May you see Jerusalem prosper

    all the days of your life!

 May you LIVE TO SEE YOUR GRANDCHILDREN!... " - Psalms 128:4 -- 6.(GNB)

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