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Who Said They Cannot CURE Anything?

Dr Ignatius O. Onah.

Wednesday Morning on the Sikamoretree.

    On Wednesday, August 28, 2019.

    Stepped down from" FOOD SUPPLEMENTS and BLOOD TONICS.

   Take one, avoid the other", by Dr Ignatius Onah.

   Two Types.

 Two Types of Supplements can be conjugated, thus: True Supplements, & Food Supplements.

      Type One: TRUE Supplements.

   Also known as "Blood Tonics",

 these ones have been recognised in Medicine for centuries.

   But, what really are they?

  Strictly speaking, this category refers to just VITAMINS & MINERALS , or any other single - strand substances which are deliberately extracted from ORGANIC living things with the intent of harvesting some of the health/nutritional benefits attributable the parent food/drug source.

  Today, this type of supplements are also created synthetically from INORGANIC entities. They are usually packaged as Finished medicines -- Capsules, Tablets, Powders, Liquids,etc

  Examples here include Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Zinc, B Complex components,etc. Their " commercial" name is "Blood Tonics".

 Now, the bad News!!

  Are these Supplements/Blood tonics healthful, or even safe?

  Unfortunately, the sole answer is NO!!

  In fact, they should all be avoided! Why?

  These are some good reasons to avoid ALL of them, yes, ALL blood tonics!

 # .. "Ninety percent of vitamins, even ones labeled ‘natural’ or ‘food-based’, you see in commercials (Centrum), at drug store chains, grocery chains, membership club stores (Kirkland brand), vitamin stores, and even Whole Foods are synthetic...."

 # "... Folic acid, the synthetic B vitamin found in supplements and fortified foods.

 cannot be absorbed by the body because has no enzyme to break it down..."

 # Calcium Supplements:

      Studies on the relationship between calcium and cardiovascular disease (CVD) suggest that DIETARY intake of calcium protects against heart disease, but SUPPLEMENTAIL calcium may increase the risk..."

    For greater details here google "dr Ignatius onah Supplements"

 Type Two: Dietary/Food SUPPLEMENTS.

    What are they?

  These ones incorporate only WHOLE, UNPROCESSED , and ENTIRE natural medicinal herbal products with proven

 curative capabilities. No enrichment, no fortification whatsoever, not even any extractions that could dismember their innate constituents. And, of course, there is no room for inorganic/synthetic substances at all here!

  All through history , these items were known as HERBAL MEDICINAL PRODUCTS ,up until the year 1994 when they were unilaterally merged with Blood tonics, and the duo baptized as "Food/Dietary Supplements". Really? How?

 How "Food Supplement" was created.

     The term " food supplements" was coined in 1994 by the US Senate when it took a purely political decision to designate ALL natural products - whether part or whole, or even synthetic - as Food/Dietary Supplements. This law is today cited as "The US Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994"

 It was this law that yoked together the centuries - tested and proven WHOLE, UNPROCESSED , ENTIRE natural medicinal herbal products to the mere fractional extracts(blood tonics), and then decreed both as "Dietary supplements".

 That law is also the genesis of the fulminating fallacy that Supplements CANNOT CURE ANY DISEASE.

   Why such a sweeping statement? I will tell you.

 It is because this Law decreed that the following must be written on every Food supplement container :

 * the product CANNOT cure anything.

 * the CLAIMS have not been VALIDATED by FDA( NAFDAC in Nigeria)

     Cannot Cure Anything? How true?

 Nothing can be further from the truth!

   That truth is that Pure, whole natural herbal products can cure ALMOST EVERYTHING! And, they have been doing that for millions of years on end.

  Indeed, almost all parts of every green tree has great therapeutic - read, CURATIVE - potential embedded in it. And, these facts have been lucidly documented for over a thousand generations!

  As I write, I am "romancing" a basic Pharmacy book which I used some 45 years ago as a pharmacy student at UNN. My two sons, who like me are also pharmacists, also used it during their own training periods. Same book used serially for a good part of half a century?

   An enduring, functional book!

 There are two striking revelations in this book:

 I. The word "Supplements" is not mentioned at all!

 ii. The term "incurable" cannot be found there either.

  The name of this evergreen book is "Textbook of Pharmacognosy" ,by Treas & Evans. It has remained a very indispensable tool for pharmacy the world for over a century now.

  In fact, Prof Maurice Iwu - a renowned Professor of Pharmacognosy in his own right - who taught me from this book some 44 years ago, informed me just recently that "Treas & Evans" was the "lingual franca" of Herbal medicine in every Pharmacy School on planet Earth"!

  Yet, because of one oppressive legalism,

herbal entities which have been etched as CURATIVE on the pages of Trease & Evans for years , must now be served as Supplements that " cannot cure anything"!

 A morbid pity!

   Yes, of a truth, 0in the last 25 years(since 1994!), this oppressive -- nay, atrocious - law is being implemented the world over.

   As an illustration of this infamy, consider the case of our "K Formula" capsules which we have been showcasing for nearly a decade now.

  This purely - Nigerian wonder herbal product is an amalgamation of dried powders from five(5) separate herbal entities.

 These herbal candidates are Moringa Oleifera, Nigella Sativa(Black seed, or Cumin), Sorghum bicolor(Jobelin), Oryza sativa, & Triticum Vulgare.

A wonderful combination, they are!

  Every one of them has great therapeutic - read, CURATIVE - potential embedded in it.

Yes, each of them has the innate ability to cure dozens of diseases and disorders.

  Yet, the above "colonial" Supplement Law still compelled us - via our own NADAC - to inscribe the following on the packet:

  " DIETARY SUPPLEMENT. This product cannot cure anything. The Claims made have not been validated by NAFDAC".

  Even today, we have no iota of doubt that each constituent of our K Formula has the innate ability to CURE dozens of diseases and disorders. Why should we?

 A Blatantly Selective Law!

  The flaming, selective oppressiveness of this Supplements Law comes to the glaring surface when it is realized that even though no synthetic/orthodox drug can cure any degenerative disease, no one compels their well- connected producers to ever also inscribe that " This product cannot cure anything".

 Another morbid pity!


  Voltaire, he great French writer and philosopher, said it all when he intoned that “to know who rules over you simply find out who you cannot criticise”.

  My Abulegwu elders also concur, when they say that " the person who has bigger cheeks than you will naturally hold more volume of oil in his mouth than you will ever do".

  No doubt, Big Business is in charge -- and, yes, winning -- for now.

  But even that "will come to pass"


    It should be noted that before that 1994 Law, Medicine/pharmacy had no such word as " Food Supplements", but had, of course, always understood that extracted/synthetic vitamins, Minerals,etc , while they can help the system, had only little role in curing any ailments.

  I should know this much because that year(1994) was my 15th year of pharmacy practice; now, I have exceeded my 40th year in the noble profession!

 Also, before of this Supplement Law, no WHOLE CRUDE natural/herbal drug entity - whether in Fresh, Dry, Powder, Liquid,etc or not - was ever called "Food Supplements". The sole appellation for such whole/unprocessed items was just what they had been answering since the beginning of time-- plainly " Drugs"(when they remain in elementary crude form) and plainly "Medicines"(when they are formulated in dosage forms like Powders, Tablets, creams,etc.) No more, no less.

  Last Line: Take one Avoid the other?

   We observe that while most Blood Tonics are synthetic, and hence very harmful, almost ALL whole natural products are not only uniformly safe, but are still doing what they were created to do down the years, down the centuries, and even millennia -- CURING numerous diseases/disorders.

  Verdict: Take whole, natural products, but avoid all the synthetic monstrosities called Blood Tonics. I Rise!

    For details on this segment, google "dr Ignatius onah natural products"

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