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The Good, The Bad, and the Poisonous.

Editor: Dr Ignatius Onah.. 
Defensive Nutrition Alert!
   Unlike real vegetables, Fruits , Nuts & Seeds contain lots of Carbohydrates(Sugars, glucose, fructose, ..) along with the very unhealthy Omega 6 fatty acids, ( as discussed in Cooking oils here )
  On this high Omega 6 content of most nuts, hear DR CHRIS KRESSER:
 "...nuts are often high in omega-6 LA, which we get far too much of as it is. So nuts should not constitute a significant source of protein. Walnuts are especially high. Just 100g of walnuts a day amounts to a whopping 266g of omega-6 per week. Keeping in mind that we want a 1:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, you’d have to eat 34 pounds of salmon a week to achieve a balance. Good luck with that"
 That is why these food items must be treated as food and hence, factored into standard menu schedules - not just seen as harmless addendum to be taken after normal foods have been ingested..
As a corollary, therefore, all the dietary protocols that apply to the two nutrition groups of "carbohydrates" and "fat" must also be stringently applied to Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds.
  That is why more emphasis is now exercised on vegetables than on fruits, nuts and seeds. Why?
Because vegetables provide more abundant, and purer, Micro nutrients(minerals and vitamins) while the macro nutrients(protein, carbohydrates and fats) can be harvested in a more easily- quantifiable-- and, hence, more controllable-- fashion when deliberately sourced from their assigned groups.
Also,important: All fruits, nuts, and seeds should be taken only when hungry. May be better taken along with/as the major food. Why? To keep tag-- avoid accumulation--of the appreciable store of calories which most of them pack.
2 Classes:
  All imported fruits, Apples, Bananas, Pears, etc. Why? Because they are harvested before they ripen, are all embalmed with dozens of questionable preservatives, and because of their long shipping period, they may have lost most of their original,meager nutrients. Apples,for instance, are "incubated" for at least ten months before they are shipped to Nigeria! Besides, they could also be genetically- produced.
  How rampant are these ?
A recent survey in Abuja was really gut- wrenching: all RIPENABLE fruits -- bananas, papaya, pineapple, mangoes -- were all drenched in Carbide.
While my country, Nigeria, apparently, does not bare an eyelid on Carbide poisoning, many countries are fighting it frontally. Let's borrow "a leaf of news" from Sri Lanka and Ghana( Click here for "Carbide news from Sri Lanka and Ghana)
Coconut, Palm kernel, Walnuts, Groundnuts, Bambarra nuts, Cashew, etc.Tiger nuts(_Ayaa), date pain nuts(Dabino)
These ones contain minimal Omega 6 fatty acid.
Scanty Proteins: For the strict vegetarians some nuts and seeds , like groundnuts, have an appreciable protein content. For others, nuts should not constitute a significant source of protein. (See plant protein here)

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