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Hepatitis. Hepatitis B IS NOT A DEADLY DISEASE!

Dr Ignatius O. Onah.

A "Business " advert displayed prominently in the Reception room of a popular Abuja Clinic showcased the following fear- drenched information:,.


  Printed with very tiny letters at an inconspicuous corner of this very colourful piece is the name of the " friend" who "donated" it: The Vaccine Maker!

But what are the facts?

   A mainstream medical book sitting on the doctor's table in that very clinic tells us no such death -dripping tales! In fact, this book contradicts, debunks -- nay, even shames -- nearly every facet of the unfounded, extremely blatant, fear - mongering words of the vaccine merchants !

 These are excerpts from the said book.

   ( My Comments are in parentheses.) Emphasis is mine.

 * "... Hepatitis B is an infection of your liver . It can cause scarring of the organ, liver failure , and cancer . It can be fatal if it isn’t treated."

(Yes, every disease can be fatal, if not treated)

 *.." ... The good news is that most cases of the disease DON'T LAST A LONG TIME. Your body fights it off within a few months, and you’re immune for the rest of your life. That means you can't get it again..."

(Yet, somebody is saying it is worse than HIV?)

 *"... Only 5% to 10% of adults and children older than 5 who have hepatitis B end up with a chronic infection. The numbers aren’t so good for those younger than 5 (25% to 50%) and even higher for infants infected at birth (90%)".

(Why then do we advertise it as a deadly disease if 95% of adults recover FULLY from it? How many recover from your HIV?)

  *."... What Happens to People Who Have It?

...Your doctor will know you’ve recovered when your blood tests show no signs of active infection... ".

  ( Wonderful Contradiction!! Some other place you say it is incurable, but here you allow the truth to slip out that it can "disappear from the blood". Pray: Disappearance & Cure, any difference?)

.. * ".But some people don't get rid of the infection. If you have it for more than 6 months, you’re what’s called a carrier, even if you don’t have symptoms. This means you can give the disease to someone else through...."

 (Now, this applies to LESS THAN 5% of infected adults, doesn't it?. This appears to be the only instant in medicine where a "chronic carrier " may not CARRY any symptoms at all !! Intriguing!

 Even, then, how does the above number(less than 5%)make Hepatitis B to rub shoulders with, say, Ebola? Unfathomable!! )

 * "... Doctors don’t know why, but the disease does goes away in a SMALL number of carriers.."

. (You are Calling more than 90 to 95% of all adults infected a "Small number"? HIV assumed recovery rate, is it not Zero?)

 * "... For others, it becomes what’s known as chronic. That means you have an ongoing liver infection. It can lead to cirrhosis or hardening of the organ. It scars over and stops working. Some people also get liver cancer.

If you’re a carrier or are currently infected with hepatitis B, don’t donate blood , plasma, body organs, tissue, or sperm...."


.(Interpretation: among the less than 5% who are carriers, it is from these pool that a tiny number can cultivate " an ongoing liver infection". Not very bad, if you ask me? )

  * How Common Is Hepatitis B?

. " ...The number of people who get this disease is down, the CDC says. Rates have dropped from an average of 200,000 per year in the 1980s to around 18,000 in 2012. People between the ages of 20 and 49 are most likely to get it...."

( But, happily, this is also the Fortunate group, where " Only 5% to 10% ." END UP with a chronic infection..". And, do not forget that " chronic " in this case, has been, strangely, expanded to capture all those whose infection did not ".go away " after 6 months, even as a great majority of them will never exhibit any symptoms in their lifetime! )

  * Is There a Cure for Hepatitis B?

   "...No Cure for hepatitis.... But again, IT OFTEN GOES AWAY IN A FEW MONTHS, and it OCCASIONALLY DISAPPEARS in people who have a chronic case of the disease..."

( This means that In all cases-- both in acute & chronic stages-- hepatitis "often goes away/occasionally disappears".

   Then, why embark on worthless, extremely toxic -- and, do not forget, very expensive -- treatment on all "Hepatitis Suspects " , treatment which, by your own express admission, does not cure anything ? Money - making? )

  * How Is It Treated?

 "....If you think you’ve been exposed to the virus, get to a doctor within 2 weeks. He’ll give you a vaccine and a shot of hepatitis B immune globulin..."

 ( Has any patient ever really satisfied this first 2- week vaccine "window " outside which that vaccine -- as gleefully admitted by the vaccine makers themselves -- would not work?

  Come to think of it, how does the average, robust human know he has " been exposed to the virus " in order to sprint to beat the 2 week vaccine Window after which , admittedly, the vaccine would have lost its magic wand? Contradiction upon contradictions! )

Appendix : How Really Deadly Is a Hepatitis B Infection?

 These are excerpts from a very authoritative medical journal, known as 'CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES JOURNAL (1995) .

  Title: Risks of Chronicity following acute Hepatitis B virus Infection: A review. Clin. Infect. Dis. 20, 992-1000.)

  Lead Author : .By Prof. K. C. .Hyams.

Emphasis again, is mine!

  Editor 's comments will appear at the tail.

  Now, behold the eye - popping Excerpts:

 * .."The numbers speak for themselves. .

  Approximately 50% of patients who contract hepatitis B develop NO SYMPTOMS AFTER EXPOSURE. However, the exposure ensures that they will have LIFETIME IMMUNITY

 * "... An additional 30% develop ONLY FLU - LIKE SYMPTOMS, and AGAIN, this group will acquire lifetime immunity.

  * The remaining 20% exposed to hepatitis B will develop the symptoms of the disease. 95% of this 20% WILL FULLY RECOVER, with lifetime immunity.

  * Therefore, LESS THAN 5% of people who contract hepatitis B will become chronic carriers of the infection.

  * The numbers GETS EVEN SMALLER: of that 5%, nearly 75% (or 3.75% of the total exposed) WILL LIVE with an asymptomatic infection and ONLY 25% (or only 1.25% OF THE TOTAL PEOPLE EXPOSED ) will develop chronic liver disease or liver cancer, 10-30 YEARS AFTER THE ACUTE INFECTION. .."

  Editor's Note: How's that for a disease touted to be 100 times more deadly than HIV? We of course, have tons of reservation even for HIV's famed "deadliness"!

End Note : A disease that spares more than 99% of its victims --with more than 97% of them actually recovering fully!!-- is deadly only in the crooked, scheming mind of the one who is marketing its "cure".

 Hepatitis B Is Not a Deadly Disease! Quote me.

 How about Hepatitis B Vaccine?. Is It Safe? Does it solve any health problems? Any need taking it?

 To be discussed in Part 2, next week.

 Remain ever blessed. Dr Onah.

About Dr Onah.

 Dr(Pharm.) IGNATIUS O. ONAH,68, is a Pharmacist , Nutritionist, and Naturopathic Doctor.

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