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Dr Ignatius O. Onah.


   This is very interesting!

  Within One Hour of the release of our detailed reply captioned "Salt & Hypertension. Matters Arising" yesterday morning on this medium, we received another cerebral contribution which turned out to be a rebuttal of almost all we said about the role of HIGH insulin in the pathogenesis of hypertension, diabetes,etc.

 His Reaction. (Excerpts only, Emphasis is ours)

 No.1... ". I quite recognize the existence of insulin resistance and even metabolic syndrome in SOME persons with hypertension....."

 Our Rearks:

Very reassuring that you recognise Insulin Resistance; yes , because most "experts" still do not condescend to recognise IR!

 But do you really know the functional definition of Insulin Resistance, Metabolic syndrome,etc? We doubt that!!

   We suggest you google them @

 But, for now, know these facts:

  * Insulin resistance (IR)can be used loosely interchangeably with Metabolic Syndrome and Hyperisulinemia, or just High Insulin!

 * Insulin Resistance, in most cases, starts with Low blood sugar, and can stay so for many years, before it graduates to High blood sugar( Diabetes!) in some people only.

 * In order words, many many patients with IR do not even have concurrent diabetes!

 Diabetes normally comes later - if patient lives long enough.

 * That's why many people succumb to stroke, or heart attack even before these later components of IR(hypertension ,diabetes) surfaces! Because IR is also the source of Stroke, Heart diseases, etc, & could spring them up on the "first leg"!

 * On the direct association between hypertension and IR, we are waiting to hear who told you that IR is involved in some people but not in others. You must tell us!

   While we wait, we still recommend that you see what Dr Michael Eades, a consultant Diabetologist, and his wife Dr Mary Eades, a consultant endocrinologist, itemised as the three ways IR creates hypertension, in EVERYBODY that is hypertensive. Their input is in our mother article of November,30th.

Yet another Paper!

  We admonish you ,as an expert, to also digest this gem of a research still on IR., namely:

" Hyperinsulinemia and Insulin Resistance: Scope of the Problem", By Prof.Jason Fung, and Dr Amy Berger, The Journal of Insulin Resistance VOL 1, NO 1 (2016).

 Hint: Here, they use the terms "Metabolic syndrome" "Hyperinsulinemia", IInsulin Resistance - aka IR -- interchangeably..

 You will also see how they showed colourfully that IR can thrive without diabetes, but no hypertension ever occurs in the absence of IR.

 You are losing nothing by allowing your expert colleagues to also sharpen you.

 His Reaction No. 2.... " However, I don't agree with you that insulin resistance is "the primary culprit..., single marker of life span, ... the basis of all the chronic diseases of ageing... ".

 Our Remarks; Dr Ron Rosedale, MD, PhD, made that statement.

 On what solid ground did you stand to assert that " I don't agree"?

 We will like to know. You must " make your case" now.

 For the other "experts" who are not allergic to reading what their colleagues write, , I recommended some of Dr Rosedale's works:




 His Reaction No 3. .". I know that many hypertensive persons don't HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH INSULIN (as evidenced from laboratory investigations),..."

 Our Remarks: You "decreed" that many hypertensive persons don't have any problem with insulin (as evidenced from laboratory investigations)

 We must assume that you mean insulin resistance(IR) here.

 So, we ask : what are the "laboratory investigations" for IR?

  Is it Fasting Blood Sugar ? Random Blood Sugar? Or what?

 Happy to disappoint you!

  The only approved tests for IR are:

 a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT), &

 b. Blood Insulin Assay(BIA)


  An organisation I have the privilege of being affiliated with imports BIA Reagents from Germany! No other one. And, I should know. What do you say?

 His Reaction No. 4.. ".. I don't intend to continue this argument. I have made my points with the intention of correcting information that could be misleading to lay people."

 Our Remarks: But we " intend to continue"! How can we do otherwise when we have just now been reminded by a wonderful EXPERT that our intensely - researched medical presentations are " misleading to lay people"? Outrage!!

So, we must keep stoking the fire of this "discussion" -- for the very survival of our ministry.

  The elders in my birth place (Abulegwu) have always reminded me that " if you keep quiet, you have agreed"

 So, no "allocotus" yet!

  His Reaction No. 5. .".. Even though knowledge is dynamic, I advise that we give people information that have stood the test of time and will not lead them to harm..

 ... Scientific facts are universally proven facts irrespective of line of thought or line of therapy. I rest my case. Thank you Sir."

  Our Remarks: Wonderful! So " knowledge is dynamic" and " scientific facts are universally proven facts".

  How come you are allergic to the facts presented by your fellow researchers on this forum? Sikamoretree only quotes current facts as enunciated by others. Verbatim!

   Where are your own facts? Common sense? Does common sense have precedence over expert sense in the law court?

. It is amazing! You don't have respect for Dr Michael Eades, MD , nor for his wife, Dr. Mary EADES,MD; Dr Robert Barrington; Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD,; even for Dr Steven Lin, not to talk of the indomitable Prof. Ron Rosedale, MD, PdD, who has made dozens of blazing trails in Insulin and Leptin metabolism to date!

So, who are you representing? Just yourself?

   We notice that, each time, it took you less than 30 minutes to issue a very hasty rejoinder to our publications. Most other experts would have taken some time to "talk to" their fellow experts in the story before ever reacting. We suggest that even you should do that, at least occasionally.


  "But to this very day I have been helped by God, and so I stand here GIVING MY WITNESS to all, to SMALL and GREAT alike. What I say is the VERY SAME THING which the prophets and Moses said was GOING TO HAPPEN". Acts 26:22.

 Honourable Barrister, I am convinced it will be very unfair for " the greats" like you to bar "the small" from hearing the "strange things" Sikamoretree is gleaning from the current medical/health "Prophets" just because like the very greats of old, you have decided to shut your own RECEPTION window to current medical knowledge.

  You seem to have elected to practice " common sense" medicine, using only your bare hands to effect the correction of information that " could be misleading to lay people". We thank God that you are not one of those lay people.

 Our Unyielding Stance.

 Sikamoretree has no plans to give in to Common sense Medicine. Why?

Common sense Medicine robbed me of my mother in 2002, of my elder brother in 2006.

 In the last two years alone, it has separated me from half a dozen former village playmates, more than 20 college mates, and nearly a dozen of my university class mates.

  And, that is not all! Scores and scores of yet others very close to me are suffering and smiling today, while faithfully chanting the common sense "Catechism" of avoiding SALT, RED MEAT, CHOLESTEROL , SATURATED FATS, PALM OIL, etc, when all they needed to do was to avoid SUGAR, PROCESSED CARBS, & OTHER ARTIFICIAL ITEMS that prepare them for insulin resistance first, and then, all other diseases of "Civilization" later.

  Our Appeal to all:

   Please, preserve all Sikamoretree articles, for what looks like heresy today will certainly become mainstream tomorrow.

  When I gaze up, I see Galileo Galilee and Nicklaus Copernicus shouting "Amen" from above today.

  Yes, "Common sense" executed them many centuries ago. And, what was their offence?

 For CLAIMING that the earth is round, not flat!

  Last Word:

 # "A wise man is that man who GIVES HIMSELF THE CHANCE to be wrong"-- Aminu Kano(1920-1983), a Nigerian Thinker.

 # "All truth pass through three stages:

 First, it is Ridiculed;

next it is violently opposed;

 finally, it is universally accepted as self-evident" Authur Schopenhauer.

  Remain ever blessed.

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