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A Panacea for Communicable and Non - communicable Diseases and Disorders.

Editor: Dr Ignatius Onah.. 
mmune Reactivation Powders, What are they?
Immune reactivation powders(IRP) are an extemporaneous herbal mix which is the main vehicle for the prosecution of Immune Reactivation Therapy(IRT), a naturopathic treatment protocol which has, quite recently, ignited a revolution in the. handling of virtually ALL chronic degenerative diseases and disorders -both the communicable and the noncommunicable ones.
  But, what is Immune Reactivation Therapy(IRT)?
 Immune Reactivation Therapy is a cutting edge treatment approach in Naturopathic Medicine which zeroes unwaveringly on REFURBISHING -- in fact, RE-KITTING -- the IMMUNE SYSTEM as the primary focus in handling almost all diseases and disorders known to man.
Other essential tributaries of the Immune Reactivation Therapy(IRT) are:
 I. Defensive Nutrition (Google Sikamoretree defensive nutrition,)
  ii. Exercise -- non- Strenuous, non-torturing, but continual everyday exercises ( google " Sikamoretree Exercise as a tributary of IRT"
   But, "Naturopathic Medicine?". What does that one mean?
 Naturopathic Medicine is a refreshing throwback to the age - old , tested and proven, clinical practice which focused pointedly on servicing the entire body -- not just on mere APPEASEMENT OF SYMPTOMS, as has been the sorry lot of almost all medical therapies for a good chunk of a century now!!
  According to " Dr Lorilee Shonbeck, ND, PhD, a renowned Naturopathic consultant, " Naturopathy is not about treating disease. It is about creating better health..... the goal is to make someone healthy, not just free of symptoms......Naturopathic physicians believe that the body is it's own best healer, provided that it gets the proper rest, nutrition,and natural assistance.
   Dr Shonbeck continues, ".. The idea behind Naturopathy is to use treatment that removes whatever is causing the problem -- be it stress, poor diet, infection,etc--so that vitality can allow the body to repair the damage itself, and get on with the task of being healthy. ."
  Yes, naturopathic medicine does not zero in on symptoms since, according to Dr Samuel Hahnemann, Father of Homeopathy, " Symptoms are AN EXPRESSION OF THE BODY'S EFFORTS TO HEAL itself. . By stimulating these very symptoms(not by hastily extinguishing them )you could even activate the body's healing response--its complex defense systems"
 Also, condemning the "symptoms bombardment mania" is Dr Thomas Kruzel , ND, PhD. Says he: "Symptom is NOTHING MORE THAN YOUR BODY TELLING YOU THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG. If you hush up the symptoms, you have done nothing to help the body get better....Holistic Medicine is based mainly on the INTERCONNECTEDNESS of the 10 Trillion cells of which we are composed of... treating a problem in one part of the body WITHOUT ADDRESSING THE SOURCES OF IT IN ANOTHER - as synthetic drugs do- is like killing skin rash and sparing leprosy!!!"
Other descriptive synonyms for
 Naturopathic Medicine is "Functional medicine", "Holistic medicine", "Integrative Medicine",etc., never " Alternative Medicine". Alternative to what?
  After all, NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE was the only "medicine" known to-- and, practiced by--every doctor/pharmacist/nurse/ everybody all through the thousands of years of human medical history. Then, every drug came from the trees, from the bodies of animals, and from sundry crude natural substances. All drugs without exception!
  Yes, this was how Medicine was practiced down the years until just a few decades ago when medicine had literally taken a hasty, suicidal leap off the green medicinal trees -- the very TREES OF LIFE! And failed woefully!!
Dr Chris Kresser captures this greasy failure colourfully in a recent work( June 14, 2017) he titled: "Two Reasons Conventional Medicine Will Never Solve Chronic Disease"
  Behold some long excerpts from that incisive epistle: "..Chronic disease is shortening our lifespan, destroying our quality of life, bankrupting governments, and threatening the health of future generations. Unfortunately, conventional medicine has failed to adequately address this challenge, and the prevalence of most chronic health problems continues to rise.
  Many conventional doctors know it.
   Recently, doctors were asked, : "How would you rate conventional medicine’s approach to chronic disease?"....90 percent of doctors feel medicine is on the WRONG TRACK., ..83 percent of doctors have thought of quitting medicine...
...I think it’s pretty safe to say that chronic disease is literally bringing the world to its knees, and what we’ve been doing to address it isn’t working.
But why?
Two reasons conventional medicine has failed to address chronic disease:
...Conventional medicine evolved during a time when acute infectious diseases were the leading causes of death. Most other problems that brought people to the doctor were also acute, like appendicitis or gall bladder attack.
...Treatment in these cases was relatively simple: the patient developed pneumonia, went to see the doctor, received an antibiotic (once they were invented), and either got well or died. One problem, one doctor, one treatment.
...Today things aren’t quite so simple. The average patient sees the doctor not for an acute problem, but for a chronic one (or in many cases, more than one chronic issue). Chronic diseases are difficult to manage, expensive to treat, require more than one doctor, and typically last a lifetime. They don’t lend themselves to the “one problem, one doctor, one treatment” approach of the past.
...Unfortunately, the application of the conventional medical paradigm to the modern problem of chronic disease has led to a system that emphasizes suppressing symptoms with drugs (and sometimes surgery), rather than addressing the underlying cause of the problem.
...For example, if you go to the doctor and find out you have high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure, you’ll be given a drug to lower them—and expected to take that drug for the rest of your life. There is rarely any serious investigation into why your cholesterol or blood pressure is high in the first place.
...If we consider health and disease on a spectrum, where perfect health is on the left and death is on the right, conventional medicine is focused on intervening AT THE FAR RIGHT of the spectrum.
 New Technologies, not the answer.... Conventional medicine is also embracing new technologies to do some amazing things, like restoring sight to the blind, re-attaching limbs, and potentially fighting cancer with nanorobots. However, these approaches are not the best way to PREVENT AND REVERSE chronic diseases.
...Recent statistics suggest that more than 85 percent of chronic disease is caused by environmental factors like diet, behavior, environmental toxins, and lifestyle.
....More specifically, chronic disease is the direct result of a mismatch between our genes and biology on the one hand and the modern environment on the other. I summarized the research supporting this argument in my first book, The Paleo Cure
...For instance, in 1980 only 1 percent of the Chinese population had diabetes. In just one generation, the incidence of diabetes rose by an astounding 1,160 percent! What happened?
Was there some kind of massive gene mutation in Chinese people over the past 30 years that caused an outbreak of diabetes?
Of course not. ...during this period the Chinese shifted from a more traditional diet to a MORE PROCESSED INDUSTRIALIZED diet.
The takeaway is clear: if we want to prevent and reverse chronic disease, we need a medical paradigm that:
 # Recognizes the mismatch between our genes and our behavior and environment as the primary driver of chronic disease; and
 # Focuses on preventing and reversing the UNDERLINING CAUSES of disease, rather than JUST SUPPRESSING symptoms
It’s not just our approach to chronic disease that is inadequate; our model for how care is delivered is also a huge problem.
Why? For several reasons:
  ...First, it’s not structured to support the most important interventions. As I mentioned above, the primary causes of the chronic disease epidemic are not genetic, but behavioral. It boils down to people making the wrong choices about diet, physical activity, sleep, stress management, etc.—over and over again, throughout a lifetime.
...This makes it clear that one of the most important roles healthcare providers should play is supporting our patients in MAKING POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR CHANGES.
...Unfortunately, the conventional medical system makes this extremely difficult. The average patient visit with a primary care provider (PCP) lasts about 10 to 12 minutes, ...If a patient has multiple chronic conditions, is taking several medications, and presents with new symptoms, it is nearly impossible to provide quality care during that 10-minute visit.
...Once the initial intake and review of medications has taken place, there’s just barely enough time to prescribe a new drug for the NEW symptoms—and no time at all for a DETAILED DISCUSSION
 of diet and lifestyle factors that might be contributing.
...What’s more, if 95 percent of the appointment is spent TALKING ABOUT SYMPTOMS AND MEDICATIONS and only the last 5 percent on potential diet and lifestyle causes and solutions—what do you think the patient will take more seriously?
...To truly address chronic disease, we need a different model of delivering care. Among other things, this model should emphasize:
..Collaborative care, where the doctor works with the patient as a partner, rather than in the “expert” model that characterizes our current system. The patient also has access to a care team that includes nurse practitioners/physician assistants, nutritionists, health coaches, and other allied providers to provide another layer of care and more support between appointments.
...Make possible and encourage longer visits with patients, with more detailed intake and history and time for discussion and support. Ten- to 12-minute visits may be fine for prescribing drugs for symptoms, but they fall hopelessly short for actually addressing the cause of those symptoms.
...The good news—both for patients and practitioners—is that this future has already arrived. The new model I’ve described above is one that hundreds of clinics across the country (including my own clinic) have begun to implement..."
  That was Dr Chris Kresser of Kresser Institute.


Editor: Dr Ignatius Onah.. 
 In "old" Medicine the primary organs of the immune system is said to constitute of just the Thymus and the Bone marrow, while the "secondary" lymphatic tissues include Tonsils, Spleen, Lymph vessels, lymph nodes, the adrenals, the skin and the liver. Technically none of these organs is amenable to any meaningful repair or refurbishment. Until the gut component of the immune system was "discovered" just very recently! The Gut?!!
The gut(the small and the large intestines) has,just recently, been recognised as the engine room of the immune system. Amazing!
 According to Dr Chris Kresser, ND,." the gut flora comprises more than 75 per cent of our immune system.... it promotes normal gastrointestinal functions as well as providing protection from infection
 just as it also regulates metabolism. .. dis- regulated gut flora has been linked to diseases ranging from Autism to depression, Auto-immune and bowel disorders, ......even Diabetes..."
 But, who gave the GUT this "gut"?
 Hear another authority, Dr Joseph Mercola, MD. : " One of the reasons your gut has so much influence on your health has to do with the one Hundred Trillion Bacteria- about three pounds weight worth- that line your intestinal tract. This is an extremely complex system that aggressively protects your body from outside offenders This gut flora is a major player of our immune system.... the health of your body is largely tied into the health of your gut,and it is hard to have one be healthy if the other is not"
  Also, hear Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride,MD, PhD, a Russian-trained pediatric neurologist who is also a nutritionist. "...the bacteria in your bowels outnumber the cells in your body by a factor of 10 to one. This gut flora is a major player of your immune system, which of course, is your body's natural defense system that keeps you healthy. In other words, the health of your body is largely tied into the health of your gut, and it's hard to have one be healthy if the other is not.
One of the reasons why your gut has so much influence on your health has to do with the ....100 trillion bacteria--about three pounds worth--that line your intestinal tract.
This is an extremely complex living system that aggressively protects your body from outside offenders.."
  Gut HEALING/Gut REJUVENATION is the BATTLE CRAFT of IRT. After all, this gut is the only "organ" of the immune system -- and, thankfully, nearly 80% thereof -- that is very amenable to real reconstruction. And, this is where the Immune Reactivation Powders (IRP) come in.
  The IR Powder is an extemporaneous herbal product.
 And, what does that mean?
   Extemporaneous Drugs are crude medicinal products which are prepared, and also dispensed, by the pharmacist/herbalist DIRECTLY to his/her known clients. They are usually NOT WARRANTED FOR OPEN-MARKET SALES to the general public. In many nations, including my country, Nigeria ,such instantaneous therapeutic entities do not call for any formalised regulation from governmental agencies(like NAFDAC in Nigeria) It is, in fact, akin to a herbalist dispensing medicinal herbs he sourced from behind his own house!
 Naturally, because of this their individualised nature, no generalised "ACTIONS, USES & DOSAGE" are advertised for extemporaneous products. After all, the great eternal tenet of Naturopathic Medicine still remains: "Every patient is different".
  Because of their propensity to "buy back" the immune armaments, IR Powders can handle almost all degenerative diseases: Diabetes, Hypertension, Ulcer, Asthma, Arthritis, Infertility, Fibroid, Gout, Dental, Ophthalmic, Liver/Kidney/Prostate/Respiratory/Bone/Skin disorders,etc.
And, since these powders are also accepted worldwide as having incontrovertible antimicrobial efficacy,(they are antibacterial, antiviral, anti-mycotic, antiparasitic, even antiinflammatory),they are hence, also, useful in the control/cure of many communicable diseases, including resistant malaria, Typhoid, Staph, even Hepatitis, & HIV/AIDS, etc.
There are three IR Powder types:
Formula One;
Formula Two;
Formula Three.
The choice of powder, progression in powder administration and even possible powder combinations, as well as the treatment period, will be dictated by the clinical presentation of each patient..
But, generally speaking,
: Formula One is used, both in health and in disease, to "rewind" the immune system. Hence, it is deployed as the "Induction" agent in almost every treatment.
: Formula Two handles all Degenerative diseases, while
:Formula Three deals mainly with Infections and sundry communicable diseases and disorders.
Drop the powder bag into a clean, dry cup.
Pour half a cup(about 50ml) of BOILING water into that clean cup.
Using any pointed cutlery(knife, fork...),rip the wet powder bag open, inside the cup.
Mix well and drink the entire content(hot or cold, as desired) but without any additions whatsoever.
The End.

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