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Editor: Dr Ignatius Onah.. 
On Religion, Economics, Politics, Literature, History, Life, Etc.
 Motto: Everything Counts.
 I.. ‘A Little Learning Is Dangerous Drink deep or taste not the Piererian spring ”-Alexander Pope.
 II. " Every Person is ignorant; only on different subjects " Larry King.


Editor: Dr Ignatius Onah.. 
One Person''s Odyssey - A gift to the gods at birth, Disappear Charm in Biafra War, Occult Telephone in College, Students' Cult in University, Eternity Quest in Cemetery. And, finally, into the cesspit of AMORC and Ogboni Fraternities!!
 Yet, miraculously rescued thirty years ago, and now telling all as an ordained man of God.
 Anchor: John 8:36 -- If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.
The Author: Dr (Pastor) IGNATIUS .OZOEMENA ONAH.
1. Resignation from the Ogboni Fraternity.
2. Amorc swims back to America
 from River Benue.
3. My Mother is A Witch. Click here
4. My Father sacrificed Twelve Sons. Click here.
5. Into Students' Cult at Nsukka University.
6. We Witnessed Killing of Twins.
7. Occult Telephone power at CIC Enugu.
8. Disappear Charm disappears in Biafra.
9. Cooked Alive at Anglican Cemetery.
10. Three- pronged Rescue from Hell.
Primary: Archbishop Idahosa.
Secondary: Full Gospel Business men's Fellowship.
 Tertiary: Bishop David Oyedepo.
11. Life Today: Fool at Forty, Full at Seventy!

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