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Dr Ignatius O. Onah.

Drugless Medicine Series. No 4.    


   i. "Medicine is an art built on conjecture and improved by murder" Lord Chlise.

 ii. " If we doctors threw all our medicines into the sea, it would be that much better for our patients and that much worse for the fishes" -- Dr Oliver Wendel Holmes,MD.

  iii. "Medicine has not actually been fighting illnesses like cancer, stroke, diabetes, hepatitis, etc. It has been intervening at the point of symptoms, the LAST VISIBLE STEPS in the complex cascade of biochemical events. And it has been doing it largely by trial and error...." - Dr Michael Lemaneck

  iv. You never hear about the dangers of a drug unless another drug to replace it is available."--Robert Mendelsohn,MD.

 v. ‘’Cancer is caused by poisons created in our bodies by the food we eat. We have been studying germs when we should have been studying diet and drainage... medicine has been on a wrong track....” -Sir William A Lane, England’s foremost abdominal surgeon:

  vi. "Doctors are directly responsible for hooking millions of people on prescription drugs. They are also indirectly responsible for the plight of millions more who turn to illegal drugs because they were taught at an early age that drugs can cure everything - including psychological and emotional conditions - that ails them. " - Dr Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D., in "How to Raise a Healthy Child...In Spite of Your Doctor."

 vii. " As a retired physician, I can honestly say that unless you are in a serious accident, your best chance to living to a ripe old age is to avoid doctors and hospitals and learn nutrition, herbal medicine, and other forms of natural medicine..... Almost all drugs are toxic, and are designed to treat symptoms, and not cure anyone " -- Dr Alan Greenberg, MD.

     Medical Errors. Or Iatrogenic Incidents.. How Prevalent?

  See the following excerpts from a Time magazine report of May 3, 2016, written by Mandy Oaklander:

 " The THIRD MOST -DEADLY KILLERS of Americans are medical errors, accounting for more than 250,000 deaths each year, ...Heart disease, then cancer are the first and second leading causes of death for Americans.

...Professionals who may cause harm to patients include physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists,

medical laboratoryscientists

and therapists.

 Medical errors, also known as Iatrogenesis, can also result from complementary and alternative medicine treatments......

 All Experts Agree.

“Collectively, the problem of medical care gone wrong kills a substantial number of people in the United States,” says Dr. Martin Makary, a surgeon and professor of health policy and management at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

      Makary and his colleague looked at four studies analyzing U.S. death rate data and determined that about 9.5% of all deaths result from medical errors!

Medical errors encompass a range of potentially harmful mistakes a provider or hospital system could make: misdiagnosis, administering the wrong dosage of a medication or neglecting the care of a patient because of a communication breakdown. Errors like these can be benign, but they can also cause people who have otherwise long life expectancies to meet an untimely death.

  On a death certificate, a person's cause of death is recorded by a billing code, and medical errors aren’t on the list of options, Makary says. That means deaths by medical error are being classified in other ways, and medical errors aren’t being counted by national statistics that determine threats to the health of Americans—and therefore the funding priorities for research.

“In the old school of medicine, it was not well recognized that people actually die from the care that they receive rather than the disease or illness for which they seek care,” he says.

   Now, a strong body of scientific literature documents the role of medical errors and the importance of patient safety, and we should have a more open and honest conversation about the problem," Dr. Makary concludes.

  A more detailed, expert's Account.

 A more detailed account of this grave issue is delivered by Dr Joseph Mercola,MD.

     Here are excerpts from his monumental work titled "Medical Errors: STILL the Third Leading Cause of Death", which he released on May 18, 2016.

Hear him:

 "...In 2000, Dr. Barbara Starfield,MD, MPH, published a study revealing that doctors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., killing an estimated 225,000 patients each year. According to a new study, medical errors kill an estimated 250,000 Americans each year, confirming that modern medicine is still the third leading cause of death in the U.S.(after heart disease and cancers)

...History tells us it can take decades before a medical truth becomes accepted as fact, and recent headlines are a perfect example of this.

   A JAMA Study.

   ...Dr. Barbara Starfield was the author of that JAMA study, published in 2000, and her research documented how a staggering 225,000 Americans die from iatrogenic causes, meaning their death is caused by a physician's or hospital's activity, manner, or therapy.

Behold the Gory Statistics!

Her statistics(in the year 2000) showed that each year:

 * 12,000 die from unnecessary surgery;

 * 7,000 die from medication errors in hospitals;

 * 20,000 die from other errors in hospitals;

 * 80,000 die from hospital-acquired infections;

 * 106,000 die from the negative side effects of drugs taken as prescribed

Back then(year 2000, 16 years ago), few people believed it, but ...Starfield's findings 16 years ago still stand today. In fact, recent research suggests matters have only gotten worse, and the reason for this is because no affirmative action was ever taken to address and correct the situation.

   Also in British Medical Journal.

According to a new study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), medical errors now kill an estimated 250,000 Americans each year, an increase of about 25,000 people annually from Starfield's estimates.

  That means medical errors are STILL the third leading cause of death, right after heart disease and cancer. These numbers may actually be vastly underestimated, as deaths occurring at home or in nursing homes are not included!

    As shown by Starfield's research, side effects from DRUGS TAKEN AS PRESCRIBED ACCOUNT FOR THE VAST MAJORITY of iatrogenic deaths. Research published in 2013 estimated that preventable hospital errors kill 210,000 Americans each year — a figure that is very close to the latest statistics.

However, when they included deaths related to diagnostic errors, errors of omission, and failure to follow guidelines, the number skyrocketed to 440,000 PREVENTABLE HOSPITAL DEATHS each year. This too hints at the true enormity of the problem.

  Death Certificates..

 "...Death certificates currently don't have a separate coding classification for medical errors, which means estimates are not accurate.

The researchers suggest adding an extra field to the death certificate, asking whether a preventable complication or medical error contributed to the death.

 At present, no such check box exists. Instead, when a patient dies from a medical error, the original complaint is listed as the cause of death.

 They also recommend a number of strategies to reduce the number of deaths from iatrogenic causes, including increased transparency and communication.

... As long as health care providers and hospital administrators remain in the dark about the severity of the problem, few course corrections are likely to be made", the researchers lamented, in their conclusion.

The "murder" of Dr. Barbara Starfield,MD, MPH!!

   Dr Starfield's Ironic Tragedy — A Victim to What She Chronicled?

. Dr Mercola continues:

 "...Ironically, Dr Starfield became a statistic to her own research. She died suddenly in June 2011, a death her husband(also a doctor like her)attributed to the adverse effects of the blood thinner Plavix taken in combination with aspirin. However, her death certificate makes no mention of this possibility.

   In the August 2012 issue of "Archives for Internal Medicine" her husband, Dr. Neil A. Holtzman, writes, in part: "Writing in sorrow and anger, I express up front my potential conflict of interest in interpreting the facts surrounding the death of my wife, Dr. Barbara Starfield, ... Because she died while swimming alone, an autopsy was required. The immediate cause of death was 'pool drowning,' but the underlying condition, 'cerebral hemorrhage,' stunned me ...Barbara started taking low-dose aspirin after coronary insufficiency had been diagnosed three years before her death, and clopidogrel bisulfate (Plavix) after her right main coronary artery had been stented six months after the diagnosis. She reported to the cardiologist that she bruised more easily while taking clopidogrel and bled longer following minor cuts. She had no personal or family history of bleeding tendency or hypertension. The autopsy findings and the official lack of feedback prompted me to call attention to DEFICIENCIES IN MEDICAL CAREAND CLINICAL RESEARCH in the United States reified by Barbara's death and how the deficiencies can be rectified. Ironically, Barbara HAD WRITTEN ALL ABOUT THEM."

  End of Discussion.


 "Despite the tendency of doctors to call modern medicine an 'in - exact science, it is more accurate to say there is practically no science in modern medicine at all. Almost everything doctors do is based on a conjecture, a guess, a clinical impression, a whim, a hope, a wish, an opinion or a belief. In short, everything they do is based on anything but solid scientific evidence. Thus, medicine is not a science at all, but a belief system. Beliefs are held by every religion, including the Religion of Modern Medicine.

...What does a Catholic do when he decides that his priests are no good? Sometimes he directly challenges them, but very seldom. He just leaves the Church. And that’s my answer. Leave the Church of Modern Medicine. I see a lot of people doing that today...." ..

 A morbid reality!

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