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Dr Ignatius O. Onah.

 Excerpts from "INFERTILITY The Facts And The Lies About Staphylococcus",

 By Dr Rich Okoye, National Hospital, Abuja, dated Monday, 22 July 2013.

  His Own Words:

 *."... If there is any germ that has received exaggerated blames, it is ‘staphylococcus’. In every nook and cranny of our society today, you will hear somebody mention staphylococcus and the numerous diseases it can cause in the body.

 * It is quite unfortunate that African society today receives health education from medical and human biology illiterates in motor parks and street corners. Regrettably, our broadcasting industry has no censor board to scrutinize some of the unfounded health information being dished out to the people through the radio and television stations. It is true that the stations need money to function, however, such ought not to be to the detriment of the people they serve...

 * We shall review some misguided health information which have become the bedrock of the health disasters in our society today.

* One of such misconceptions is the subject of Staph infection.

What You Need to Know about Staph.

. Infection

 * The commonest known germ, perhaps, the ignorantly assumed most stubborn germ well known and propagated by many on the streets today is “staphylococcus” infection.

 * I consider it very necessary to open this can of worms because it has destroyed the happiness of most marriages.

 * Majority of calls and e-mails I receive daily center on the so-called laboratory finding of “staph” and how it has been difficult to treat.

  * Let's review some excerpts of these mails;

  I. “Doc. I attended one of your seminars on STDs last year and I appreciated every bit of it. I have this ''staph'' infection that hardly responds to treatment. Each time i go to lab for test, the test will show staph. I have taken all types of antibiotics and local medicine yet nothing.

Sir, is there no drug that can permanently treat this problem?” Mr. E. A (Akure).

   ii. “Sir. I got staph inflection from my girl friend since 1999. I got it treated then but later it came up again. Now, I do have watery sperm and noisy stomach. Please advice me on what to do” .Mr. H. A (Port Harcourt).

  iii. “Doctor, I believe God will use you to solve my problems. I have constant internal heat, moving objects in my body, weak erection, constant waist pain and pile. I did test and it showed heavy growth of staph. I have gone to several hospitals but no way, Please Sir help me I'm dying.”

Tunde .O. (Lagos)

 .. Now we shall answer the following questions:

1. What is staph infection?

2. Is it a sexually transmitted infection?

3. Does it cause infertility?

4. What are the symptoms of staph infections?

5. Can it be treated?

6. Can staph cause HIV-AIDS?

7. Why is it always found during lab test despite the treatment?


... Friend get this clear; “Staph” is a short name of a particular group of germs called staphylococcus. There are many members of this family of bacteria.

The common ones are:

* Staphylococcus aureus

* Staphylococcus epidermidis

* Staphylococcus pneumonia

* Staphylococcus saprophytica.

Staphylococcus belongs to a group of germs called microscopic organisms. This means that they are too tiny to be seen with naked eyes.


... I was horribly amazed to see a mammoth crowd gathered round a man who was shouting with microphone; “come and see Staphylococcus somebody just shit (defected) now! Now!! Now!!!”

Having heard such amazing discovery, I went to see the freshly defecated staph with my eyes. When I passed through the crowd to see; lo and behold, it was pieces of tapeworm that were inside a Lucozade bottle which was displayed as staph while selling his concoctions.


 It is quite unfortunate that the ears of most Africans are open to falsehood and deception when health is the subject of interest. I listened to a radio programme, which featured a man said to be a trado-medical doctor. In attempt to advertise his products, he spoke on gonorrhea infection. Ironically, in his forceful and self- convincing presentation, he said; gonorrhea is a gonococcus caused by staphylococcus. If it is not treated, it will lead to syphilis or ''fibroid''. He emphatically stated in summary that these venereal diseases cannot be properly treated with “Oyibo” medicine but his herbs that cure all diseases can.

 * What an Irony! a disgrace to a nation like Nigeria. Truly, ignorance is a disease per excellence; a voluntary misfortune and the mother of personal destruction.

 * If the effect of that radio programme is analyzed, a layman would have it that staphylococcus causes gonorrhea, Syphilis and perhaps fibroid as its long term complication.

Permit me to let you know the gross illiteracy and ignorance demonstrated by the said trado-medical doctor. Gonorrhea and syphilis are two different sexually transmitted infections caused by germs known as Neisseria gonorrhea and Treponema pallidum respectively. Fibroid is not caused by any germ....


Staphylococcus can be found on the skin of virtually every human being, particularly, on the dirty or exposed areas like the hands, groin, and outer side of the penis and vagina. Most times, it occurs as normal flora (present without harming the body) on the skin, nose and throat. As a matter of clinical statistics, 40-50 percent of humans harbor 'Staph' in their noses and throats, without hurts....


 However, in an opportunistic condition, staphylococcus can causes the following:

1. Pimples and Furuncles:

2. Food Poisoning:


Staph, aureus can produce toxins known as Enterotoxins into an exposed or poorly preserved food. If someone eats such toxin-laden food, he or she may develop running stomach and vomiting within one to eight hours of consuming such food. That is what is medically called “food poison”. Please note that when a doctor says you have food poison, it does not mean that someone, perhaps, an enemy has put poison in your food. It means that the food you ate was contaminated by germ toxin, mainly staphylococcus toxin. Nevertheless, this may lead to overwhelming infection, medically known as Septicemia which manifests with fever and shivering.

            NOT CAUSED BY STAPH!

 * It is quite unfortunate that medical illiteracy has made even elites in our society fall victim of quacks. It is very common to hear things like these on the streets and radio; if you have watery sperm, your stomach makes noise, waist pain, moving objects in your body; internal heat etc: you have staphylococcus.

  * Please note that Staph has no bearing with any of those conditions. ...


 * ... Friend, may I give you a shocking revelation; running up and down for treatment of Staph is a battle you may never win.

* Be wise! Find out the actual cause of your problems and stop living in darkness.


Is “Staph.” A Sexually Transmitted Infection?

Strange, this would sound to many ears but total freedom and hope shall it deliver to many under this ignorance-induced health torture.


 * Just swallow this hook-line-and-sinker because it is an indisputable medical fact.

The essence of elaborating this subject is that devil has capitalized on the ignorance of people to wreck havoc in most peaceful and loving homes.

 * Today, couples are suspicious of each other because of unreliable Lab.

 * Report of so-called “scanty”, “moderate” or “heavy” growth of 'staphylococcus' . Because of the way it is being sounded on the streets as sexually transmitted infection, most couples accuse themselves of unfaithfulness, which may never had existed.

 * A lady almost packed out of her matrimonial home because she had infection which she claimed resulted from her husband's unfaithfulness. Surprisingly, when I probed further, she brought out series of lab results showing she had “Staph” infection. What a pity! Staph has never been implicated as a cause of infertility.


One may wonder the origin of this question. A young man almost wrecked his life; he sold almost all he had in attempt to treat staphylococcus. In one of his confused search for permanent cure for Staph, he ran into a group that charged him N270,000 for treatment of Staph. When I queried why he yielded to that, he said; he was told that if staph stays in your body for ten years, it will turn to HIV. Have you heard such before?

There is no truth in it. Staph is a bacteria while HIV is a viral infection. They share nothing in common. Be wise!


 * This is also another commonly asked question. However, the answer is simple ‘NO!’ There is no such medical condition as watery sperm. Every semen must be watery otherwise the sperm cells cannot swim in them...


 * Doctor! If “Staph” is not a sexually transmitted infection, why is it always found during lab Test? Permit me to put forward another striking information; any improperly collected specimen from anybody, be it, urine, semen or vaginal swab, may have one form of contamination or the other: One of such contaminants could be “Staph”.


Sources of the So-Called Recurrent “Staph” Infection in Lab Test.

As earlier pointed out, staphylococcus is commonly found on the skin, particularly, in dirty regions.

  A lab test is therefore very likely to show “staph” if:

 # 1. The container used for the collection is not sterile (free from all contaminations).

Sterilizing an equipment or instrument is capital intensive and not many companies can afford auto-clave sterilization system. Therefore, most sample bottles in our markets today are not sterile. Of course, we are not ignorant of the fact that Africa, particularly Nigeria is an open market where anything goes without checks and balances.

 # 2. If the sample is not properly collected. Early morning urine directly put inside a container is most likely to contain some impurities because the urine while coming out first flushes the pipe be it from man or woman's urinary tracts and by so doing can flush staph on the skin into the container. The ideal method of urine collection is mid-stream. This means collecting the urine midway after allowing the first to flush impurities away. It would surprise you to know that you may not have any infection, if you properly collect the samples.

 # 3. Activities of quacks You should not be ignorant of the motive behind setting up some roadside laboratories. Of course, there must be need for treatment after the “so-called 'staph' is stated to be present. I was amazed when a man told me he had spent over 100,000 for treatment of Staph. In one of the places, he received daily injection for three months because he was told, Staph is a stubborn germ. Ignorance is an expensive disease....


 * To help you overcome such bondage, note that laboratory investigations were designed to aid your doctor (qualified), make proper diagnosis and institute appropriate treatment. Even in tertiary health institutions like Teaching Hospital: most laboratory attendants or scientists cannot interpret certain investigations. That's why a professionally minded laboratory scientist would always send you back to your doctor after conducting a test. Don't be deceived! That someone carries out a test never means he can interpret it for proper treatment of the condition implicated. Friend,

Your Reproductive Health is Your Future, Give It Professional Attention.


 * In summary, staphylococcus is an invisible bacterium, which most times is present as harmless germ in the body. It is not among sexually transmitted infections and has not been scientifically established as a cause of infertility in both men and women. It has no bearing with the so-called watery sperm, internal heat, noisy stomach, moving objects in the body and so on....."

        End of Excerpts!

 Our Remarks: Sikamoretree endorses all the above very cerebral, professional nuggets from Dr Okoye.

  Now, take more:

 * Staph "industry" fire is not being stoked by "Quacks" alone. All hospitals in Nigeria -- even Dr Okoye's National Hospital -- also revel in the misguided "Pathologization & Medicalization" of Staph. What a pity!

 * Staph is one of the most FRIENDLY bacterium on planet Earth!

 * "Friendliness" of Staph did not start just today; in fact, Staph was the first bacteria we cultivated and used as students in our pharmaceutical Microbiology Lab way back in 1976, 43 years ago! And, there was no "Danger" warning hanging on Staph, since we actually harvested those organisms from our own skin, in the first place! See?

 * When Staph causes any "disease" at all, it is always almost an exclusive skin or mild abdominal affair. And, the enteric culprit is usually Staph Difficile, not even our "friend", Staph Aureus!

 * "Watery sperm", " Weak erection", "Premature Ejaculation" , etc are all creations of "Disease Mongering" , as we discussed here a fortnight ago! They are not DISEASES AT ALL!

 * All other "diseases" attributed to Staph -- Perennial inflammation, Pains, Sundry weaknesses, Movements, Moving Objects, Sleep loss, " Internal heat", Noisy Abdomen, Depression, Malaise, etc ...most have to do with either Metabolic Syndrome or Bowel Disbiosis, or, usually, both!

  What to do?

  * We handle these issues cheaply via our Sikamoretree Metabolic Reactivation Therapy(MRT), & Sikamoretree Immune Restoration Therapy(IRT).

 Does it sound like Quackery again?

  Well, at least not as "quacky" as the atomic bombs we unleash on harmless issues like phantom Staph "diseases". A yawn?


  Remain ever blessed.

  Dr(Pastor) Ignatius Onah.

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