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Editor: Dr Ignatius Onah.. 
Being a Paper presented on the occasion of a two-day workshop on
"MORINGA OLEFERA: A VALUE-CHAIN DEVELOPMENT FOR EXPORT MARKET", held at Raw Materials Research, and Development Council Auditorium, Maitama, Abuja.
 Presenter: Pharm(Dr) IGNATIUS OZOEMENA ONAH( Pharmacist, Nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctor)
Prologue I
I) "All medicines are drugs, but not all drugs are medicines" Peter Parish, SRN.
ii) Medicine us an art built on conjecture, and improved by murder" Lord Charlise, OBE.
iii) " The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease". Voltaire.
iv) : The human body is its own best healer, provided that it gets good nutrition, proper rest....Let your food be your Medicine, and your medicine your food" Hippocrates of Cos, "Father of Medicine", more than 2000 years ago.
The medical world had followed the above injunctions of the its "father", Hippocrates of Cos, for thousands of years as it religiously struck to plain food and natural products in treating all illnesses, as well as in encouraging the human body to serve as its "own best healer". In order words, HERBS and other natural products were the CONVENTIONAL drugs in all those glorious years in human history!!
So, how did the table turn?
Just some 100 years ago a lot of trails were blazed in "Germ theory of disease", in chemotherapy, in deep pain management, and a few other symptoms-management protocols
 This gave birth to a horde apparently very potent synthetic drugs which- at their first entry - appeared so effective that with time such " new drugs" had all but taken the sole proprietorship of the term "conventional drugs" And, the medical world was on the verge of canonizing them as Wonder drugs!
  But, as the saying goes, "the bigger a man's head, the worse his headache".
  Yes, it did not take very long before the Achile's heel of synthetic(read Conventional) drugs started showing, especially in two major areas:
  a) Steep decline in the efficacy of antimicrobial agents due to the progressive development of resistance by virtually all targeted germs. This near-universal resistance became very alarming when it was realised that the ever- increasing dosage regime which these resistant germs commanded could stretch the spectrum of side effects and toxic manifestation of these synthetic agents to the threshold of blue murder!!
 Lord Charlise(above) was right in proclaiming that, "Medicine is an art built on conjecture, and improved by murder".
  b) Though synthetic drugs have no rivals in handling germ-influenced diseases, as well as in quick amelioration of pains and other pointedly symptoms-- management events, they have, historically, performed very poorly on NON-COMMUNICABLE (Degenerative) disorders.
 No wonder, for decades now MORINGA OLEIFERA and other natural products have deservedly bounced back as conventional drugs for"an estimated 80% of the world population today"
 Why is that so?
We will consider the following:
  1. Natural products Serve also as FOODS AS. WELL AS MEDICINE.
   How? Who said that?
   a) The human body is its own best healer, provided that it gets good nutrition, proper rest....
Let your food be your Medicine, and your medicine your food Hippocrates of Cos, Father of Medicine.
  b). The doctors of tomorrow will use no medicines, but interest his patients in the care of the body frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of diseases.- Thomas Edison.
 c) The human body is very amazing! If you can give it what it needs, it can fight off almost anything before it becomes a problem.-Dr Lorraine Shonebak.
  d). Dr Emerson: The nutritionist of today will be the doctors of tomorrow
  e) Sir William A Lane, Englands foremost abdominal surgeon: Cancer is caused by poisons created in our bodies by the food we eat. We have been studying germs when we should have been studying diet and drainage... Medicine has been on a wrong track....
   The "right track" is Moringa Olefera. It serves as food, medicine, cosmetic, fertilizer, etc
    2. Natural Products Handle the Entire Body.
This is the cornerstone of holistic medicine/Functional/Naturopathic Medicine. Listen to the Oracles:
  a) Hear Dr Michael Cutler, MD, : A disease is but a tip of an ICEBERG, the result of an UNDERLINING IMBALANCE of the body which must be can be maintained by SUSTAINING the PROPER BALANCE within the body. Diseases can be CURED by RESTORING this balance through Nutrition, Medical Herbs, Exercise,& Mental Peace"
  b) DR Daniel B Moore, B Pharm, PhD.
 "Holistic Medicine is based mainly on the INTERCONNECTEDNESS of our 10 Trillion cells....treating a problem in one part of the body without addressing the SOURCES of it in another (as Synthetic drugs do) is like killing skin rash and sparing Leprosy! ... .Unlike most synthetic drugs, which are designed to have singular therapeutic effects on mono medical events, natural products work in a more general way by strengthening the bodys innate ability to deal with diseases on its own holistic terms. As vitality returns, the body will automatically repair whatever damage that has been done, and then get on with the task of being healthy"
  Moringa Olefera can manifest in every cell, every organ of all systems in the body at the same time.
  3. Natural Products lay Emphasis on HEALTH CARE, not just on SICK CARE. How? In SICK CARE: Synthetic products, which are essentially INORGANIC substances that are poisonous to the body , merely SUPPRESS diseases --not cure them- with sometimes, debilitating side effects In HEALTH CARE, FOOD, Food SUPPLEMENTS , and other natural products are employed to PREVENT health break-downs, and where this has occurred, ARM the bodys ORGANIC HEALING systems with ORGANIC NATURAL Substances in concentrated CHALLENGE --and sometimes REVERSE - the disorder NATURALLY.
 Moringa Oleifera is enamoured with ingredients that are natural, organic, and ALIVE!!
 4. Natural Products Remove the Real Cause of the Problem. NATUROPATHY , or, Natural Treatment REMOVES whatever is CAUSING the it STRESS, poor diet,INFECTIONS, or any other agents, so that VITALITY can ALLOW the body to REPAIR THE DAMAGE ITSELF, and get on with the TASK of being HEALTHY. ...!
-Dr Joseph Mercola, MD.
    Yes,Moringa is curative, restorative, preventive, nutritive, etc
 5 Natural Products have Little or No Side Effects: Why? How?!!
  Their numerous Constituents Work In Tandem. No conflict, no competitions among the constituents. Why? How manage? Hear Dr James Duke, PhD again, this time speaking from his game-changing book, "The Green Pharmacy" : .The healing power of herbs is generally not due to any singular molecular compound, as is the case with synthetic drugs. It is, rather, due to the herbs unique combination of constituents, the sum total of which is thought to be considerably more effective than any of the individual orange contains some 150 NEUTRACEUTICALS, of which the almighty Vitamin C is just one plain tree in the rich forest.
6 Natural Products can Be Safely Integrated with Orthodox/Synthetic Medicine. Hear Dr Daniel Benjamin, MD;ND(A medical doctor with a degree in Naturopathic Medicine):
 "Convectional Drugs enjoy INCREDIBLE SUCCESS in acute microbial infections, and also in SYMPTOMATIC MANAGEMENT of fevers, pains, and inflammations. But they are very deficient in dealing with chronic DEGENERATIVE diseases like diabetes, Arthritis, Cancers, CNS/GIT Disorders.... Take the best that Orthodox Medicine can offer and integrate it with the best Altenative Medicine has to offer. This is Integrative Medicine
   Moringa has little or no side effects, and it contains all known amino acids, all known minerals, all known vitamins, and scores of phytochemicals. Moringa enjoys an almost infinite complementarity blend with all types of synthetic drugs.
 7. Many Apparently-Distinct Degenerative Diseases have Common Causations, And only Natural Products can Zero In on That Single Basic Cause. Hear this: The major diseases of Western Civilization-obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, elevated blood fats, & diabetes- have a common bond. In truth, these diseases that afflict, disable,& kill so many people in America today arent diseases at all; they are SYMPTOMS of a more basic, single disorder called HYPERINSULINEMIA(excess insulin)caused by Insulin Resistance. THEY MUST BE HANDLED TOGETHER. ......
 ...Treating one disease at a time
will, at best, only hold them at bay; at worst, it will actually contribute to the formation of the other diseases. In short, by attacking the individual diseases, we are at best, playing a delaying game; only by focusing all energy and treatments on insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia can we hope to hit the snake on the head: Dr Michael Eades, MD & Dr. Mary EADES,MD(a married couple), in their immortal work, "The Deadly Diseases of Civilization" No wonder, Moringa Olefera can handle Diabetes , Hypertension, Stroke simultaneously. Ditto for most eye ailments, and even dental disorders, etc.
    So, what is wrong with majoring on symptoms? Again hear the Masters:
 i) Medicine has not actually been fighting illnesses like cancer, stroke, diabetes, hepatitis, etc. It has been intervening at the point of symptoms, the LAST VISIBLE STEPs in the complex cascade of biochemical events. And it has been doing it largely by trial and error....finding drugs in exotic plant extracts, for example, or looking for chemical compounded that resemble existing drugs. This process is so woefully inefficient that the drugs currently available target only about 500 different proteins in the body, out of the 30,000, or so, we are made of"
  Dr Michael Lemaneck .. Moringa Oleifera has green visa to all our ten Trillion cells, both in health and disease.So, no disease is a "No go area" for Moringa.
  Why is "symptoms management" that bad,? Hear Prof. Richard Jerkins, MD, Symptoms are nothing more than the bodys way of telling you that something is wrong. It is , in fact, an expression of the bodys efforts to heal itself, such as FEVER which is targeted at burning off microbial invaders ..."
9. SYNTHETIC DRUGS PROMOTE IATROGENIC DEATHS. IATROGENIC Deaths are deaths induced INADVERTENTLY by a physician or surgeon, or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures. It is also referred to as "Death by Prescription" According to American Medical Association(AMA), some 225,000 Americans die every year from iatrogenic causes.(Negative effects of CORRECTLY-USED, PRESCRIBED DRUGS, infections contracted within the hospital setting, unnecessary surgeries, etc). This is the third highest cause of death in USA, following in the unholy heels of cardiovascular diseases and cancers!
   Moringa cannot induce iatrogenic incidents since it is also a popular food source.
. No medical professional worth his salt will fail to appreciate the wonderful exploits of Orthodox/synthetic drugs in germ-control, and in their sometimes essential deployment in symptoms-managements, and a few other life-saving events.
     But, in the management and cure of degenerative diseases, the caps fits only Natural products.
That is why we serenade the "King of Herbs", the "Curer of everything outside death"; and the name is MORINGA OLEFERA.!
  Epilogue: "Doctors dont look after your health. They only look after your diseases. When the best doctor says you are healthy, he is only implying that things have not gone so bad that he can find actual disease symptoms...... Most people in this state are still far from being well, and their health can still be improved upon dramatically. Your health is in your own hand..,. And, you are the only one responsible for it" -Dr Perry Iloegbunam, a US-based Nigerian Doctor.
Presenter by: Dr. IGNATIUS OZOEMENA ONAH (66), B Pharm., ND;Dip.Theol (WOFBI), is a Pharmacist , Nutritionist, and Naturopathic Doctor.
A pharmacist by training (a 1979 pharmacy graduate of the University of Nigeria. Nsukka),
Dr. Onah, who had a pre- teen tutelage in his family's herbalism guild, is, today, firmly rooted in Pharmacy, Alternative and Complimentary Therapies(CAT), Medicinal Chemistry, as well as, Nutritional Medicine.
He is also an alumnus of both Medicina Alternativa, Colombo, Sri Lanka, and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Ontario, Canada.
 Pastor Onah, an ordained pastor with Living Faith Church Worldwide, is also the President of Sikamore Tree Enthronement Projects & Services (Steps Inc), an NGO,; Founder of Raygina Remedies Health & Wellness Centre chain, and Managing Editor of numerous periodicals including "Abuja Food Doctor," "Defensive Nutrition Newsletter", "Green Pharmacy Serenade". etc.
Contact him @ 07065744004, 08052007107.
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